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 A bromance fight! [Yoshitsune - Minoru]

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PostSubject: A bromance fight! [Yoshitsune - Minoru]   3/20/2014, 11:40 am

In an open plain an old man stood desolate and alone, his weight to even parts distributed upon his left and healthy leg and the cane he held in his right hand which happened to be placed on the ground neatly. Of course, it has to be noted that the ground was mostly dry and the grass which covered the plain was of hardly any length. It was almost as if the plain had been mowed only recently, at least such could be determined if one was to note the length of the grass. The sun hung low and was slightly covered by clouds and in general the sky was not open and wide, but freckled with clouds here and there. Due to the position of the sun one could grasp quite easily that it was late afternoon and in turn the intensity of the sun’s light had decreased significantly already to ensure that one was hardly burdened by it when looking into its direction. The direction of the sun of course was to the right of the old man and as such, if one was to stand exactly opposite to him, that person would notice the sun to their left. The wind was chivalrous enough to not burden the old man and in turn the air was closer to standing than it was to blowing which culminated in the fact that there was not even a mild breeze blowing across the plain in which the old man found himself.

A sigh escaped the retired shinobi as he adjusted his right leg somewhat by burdening himself onto his cane. “Where is that young gun?” He would question audibly, but as he was on his own he naturally posed a merely rhetorical question. His weight was once more divided evenly as mentioned before and he would muse that perhaps the young one whom the old one was expecting was busy with lazing around. Of course, the old man knew that such was unlikely to be the case, but it was a bit of his humor that happened to come out there, assuming the worst of others and making himself chuckle softly. In an all honest manner he was somewhat annoyed nonetheless that he had to get all the way out to this plain only to be made to wait when he had actually planned to have ramen for dinner today, but until this matter is resolved he would, without a doubt, find the ramen shop closed already and so his Wednesday evening tradition of two years by now of having ramen and enough sake to get the whole academy drunk would be broken.
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A bromance fight! [Yoshitsune - Minoru]
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