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 The Great Roleplayer Skill Chart As It Should Have Been

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PostSubject: The Great Roleplayer Skill Chart As It Should Have Been   3/20/2014, 1:01 am

First topic message reminder :

Hello and welcome to The Great Roleplayer Skill Chart.

Due to the many complaints received about the accuracy of the original chart, and the many inaccurate reproductions of said chart, it has fallen upon the community to form a new and more modern chart, in which the skills of said roleplayers can be more accurately compared to one another. Feats performed by individuals take precedence over hypothetical situations as they are some of the only clear evidence upon matters of ranking, thus those with more impressive feats will be ranked higher than those with less impressive feats.

Here is where we judge upon the general roleplay ability of our peers, and through civil discussion shall come into agreement upon who goes where on the chart. Nominations may be placed for anyone past or present within the community and if sufficient evidence is provided, may be added to the chart or have their value changed if already upon it.

This chart is rated from 1-20 with 20 being the greatest level of general roleplay skill.

Post whomever you wish and the rating at which you think they should be placed, along with any evidence for why they should be placed at that rating. If the majority of people agree with your rating, then it shall be added to the list. The order in which the names are place on their specific ranking has no bearing upon how each might interact with eachother.

20 –

19 – Dandy, Temp, Gambit, Talukra

18 –

17 –Mack

16 –

15 –

14 –

13 –

12 –

11 – Kazumi, Izanagi, Geno

10 – Akina, Amatsu Qilin ,Genesis, Hakushin, Bobby

9 –  Blake

8 – Blaine

7 –Light

6 –Nike

5 –

4 –  Kohaku, Kajimaru

3 –  Myra

2 –Iteza

1 – Emman, Cut

Given that one must now provide feats and reasoning behind why each individual has been placed at their given rank, said reasoning shall be listed below on a person by person basis. Said reasoning is subject change given circumstances of recent import, thus the feats can and will be changed upon these events taking place, and the rankings will be changed accordingly.


Dandy – As a veteran member of the roleplaying community who is known throughout many roleplay circles as an individual who should be feared for his combat prowess, Dandy has an innumerable amount of feats that one can attribute to him. By defeating many people upon the chart and off the chart in a manner of embarrassing ways, and by showing domination during most confrontations, Dandy has been given his ranking of 19.

Temp – Another veteran member of the roleplaying community with an impressive assortment of feats. Said feats do not need to be described in detail, as many of the feats are recent enough to be remembered by the majority of individuals who read this. By defeating almost everyone he has decided to target by a wide margin, Temp’s combat prowess ranks at 19.

Gambit – Whilst being a relative newcomer to the many people on this chart, Gambit has defeated whomever he has decided to target within a single post, save a single instance in which he killed five individuals within three. His first kill was a double kill that included a well-known member of the community as his victim, who went by the alias ‘Marcus’. He has performed multiple multi-kills in a dominant manner and has one posted Genesis twice. These feats place him at the rank of 19.

Talukra – Though he has been around for some time, Talukra has been irrelevant until recent times, with him defeating all of his recent foes in a dominating matter. Some of these foes have ranked highly on this list, such as Izanagi and Nike, who were both defeated simultaneously in a dominative manner. As Talukra has defeated many individuals upon the skill chart, his ranking has been placed at 19.

Mack – The existence of this individual has sparked a subject of controversy as his appearance was so sudden, probably due to his innate ability to copy things he sees and use them in a corrupted manner. His feats include defeating many high ranking individuals upon the skill chart in a dominative manner, even defeating individuals such as Izanagi. Though the rulings were never officially confirmed, the given circumstances for many of his attacks would allow for the death of his targets should the rulings have allowed for the threads to continue. His destruction of rankless individuals is well known throughout many circles, as is his infamy. His lack of understanding for roleplay combat as opposed to those who rank higher than him creates a wide gap in skill, thus Mack is ranked at 17.

Kazumi – A veteran of the community, Kazumi has defeated multiple noteworthy individuals in a manner that allowed him to further bolster his power on that particular forum. No-one he has defeated has been of sufficient ranking to merit his ranking being any higher than 11, especially since the controversy that surrounds his confrontation with Akina.  Most people who have viewed said confrontation have mentioned that he should have lost it, but he was able to survive through technicality. Another incident that happened within the same thread was how he allegedly killed his partner, Izanagi, at the time, by catching him in the blast radius of one of his attacks, but the partner was moved to a location just outside of the range by the acting administrator, thus surviving.

Izanagi – A veteran of the community, Pluto has been praised for his ability to attack his opponents in a manner that many deem tricky, though this tends to be those of similar or lower chart ranking who do so. While his battle skills are hailed by many, he very rarely gets into combat, forgoing it at any given opportunity. According to the most recent events that have transpired, he was defeated in a dominative fashion by Talukra, while partnering with Nike, who was also defeated simultaneously, and subsequently deleted all material related to his character upon the site at which he was defeated in order to stop the victor from claiming the spoils in a fit of rage quit. Said event and lack of fighting spirit places Izanagi at the rank of 11

Geno – A new comer to the community, Geno has shown signs of being a competent combat roleplayer through his posts and actions, defeating people like Myra with relative ease, despite the large gap in character power, and the use of extremely powerful abilities that would otherwise destroy a lower ranking character. His ability to defend against attacks made by much higher ranking individuals places him at the rank of 11, along with many veterans of the community.

Akina- A member of the community who is known mostly for amazing ability to axe kick people in the face. There have been many instances of this occurring, such as when she axe kicked Kazumi in the skull, but ended up missing out on her win due to a technicality. Another instance of her axe kicking ability, is when she miraculously kicked a table in half from the area above it whilst her legs were below it and she was sitting, resulting in Talukra being axe kicked in the face. Though her lack of zeal has brought her ranking down a notch, as she has avoided confrontation with higher ranking individuals and even resorted to storing her character in the instance she was almost guaranteed to encounter said individuals. Those isolated incidents place Akina at the rank of 10, as she has had little other kills, and was bamboozled by Temp after she implanted bones into him, only to have him steal everything in the room and run away giggling like a little girl.

Amatsu Quilin – A member of high standing within the Ingoo community for his ability to fight in a manner that is written as though it were from the prose of a novel, whilst also being relatively effective when matched against others. This trait gives him a rank of 10, as he has been known to be quite effective

Genesis – A veteran member of the community considered by many to be very efficient at combat. The amount of losses he has suffered in recent time has slightly crippled said viewpoint of him, as he has been slain on over 5 characters, and defeated about 7 times upon his most recent site. Most of those deaths have been at the hands of individuals higher in ranking to him, or around the same range as him, though some have been performed by people not even on the charts. His most notable accomplishment of recent times is that of a child who became a bijuu, causing massive anal hemorrhaging of all those involved. Being that he has not killed anyone of high merit in recent times, he has been given a rank of 10.

Hakushin – Trained by the roleplayer Kazumi, Hakushin has shown signs of being skilled in comparison to many other people on the chart, though he has been defeated in a dominative manner by Temp recently, and has a low self-esteem. These traits and the fact that he has been trained by a roleplayer that can most likely defeat him, he has been given a rank of 10.

Bobby – Another veteran member of the community who is known for defeating many people through his knowledge of roleplaying tactics. However, he has not done anything of merit in recent times, nor has he been in a fight for an extremely long amount of time, thus his feats are not of as much value, resulting in him being given a rank of 10.

Blake – A veteran roleplayer who’s most notable recent feat was that of defeating Blaine in a fashion that caused a great deal of drama and subsequent rulings to get said individual to stop whining about it. Though this great act is the only feat in recent time that has been accomplished by this individual, as he has been defeated and capture multiple times by those higher in chart ranking than him, thus he has been given the rank of  9.

Blaine- While he has not been seen in quite a while after a specific incident in which he was forcibly ejected from staff by KidBushido, he is still considered to be relevant figure in the community. He was known for defeating many low chart ranking individuals through heavy vague manipulation. It is widely accepted by many high ranking members of the chart that he was defeated by Blake on OPOnline, only having his character survive by causing Kitaro so much displeasure OOC that he was forced to alter the situation. Being defeated by an individual at the rank of 9, a middle range ranking, places Blaine at a ranking of 8.

Light – Another veteran member of the community, who has had a few decent feats in the past, such as having his balls ripped off in a degrading fashion, and being the first kill of some random scrub who showed up out of the blue. In recent times he has been defeated multiple times, and many of the victories have been attributed to his admin status, with which he manipulated those close to him in order to gain desired results. Besides those unsavory things, he has defeated some people off the chart, and some people lower than him on the chart, but nothing that would merit him to higher than his rank of 7.

Nike – A well-known administrative personality of the community, Nike has been holding administrative positions in roleplay and out of it. Of course being in politics forces you to stay out of the fray and avoid combat whenever possible, given your life is so vastly important in comparison to those you order, thus Nike has avoided combat at all given opportunities, save his most recent conflict in which he was brutally dominated by Talukra. As he has no recent feats of any merit besides being a political adversary of others, he has been given a rank of 6.

Kohaku – A long-time member of the community, Kohaku is known to have close ties to many people of higher chart ranking, usually roleplaying as eye candy for them as they go about whatever they are doing. Though he has attempted to perform feats of some merit, none of them have gotten close to coming to fruition, thus he may only be judged by his courageous attempts to squish that nasty spider that was doing spider things outside of Sunagakure. This places him at a rank of 4.

Kajimaru – Known by only a few people, Kajimaru has defeated many people who are not ranked upon the chart in recent times. He has shown basic understanding of high level tactics and planning, as seen by his ability to build a character. Through this skill he was able to defeat a large amount of those who can be considered fodder. He has not defeated anyone of merit and this has caused his given rank to be 4.

Myra – A new member of the community, known mostly for his variation of the Inazuka clan (Nekozuka), Myra has shown a vast amount of courage when faced with great challenges, such as when he attacked the Bijuu, Saiken, with a full frontal attack in a manner that should have caused instant death, but eventually brought the beast down. Or when he tried to halt the movement of evil and mean whales that were destroying Konohagkure by swimming through them carelessly. Another courageous act was his attempt to avenge his character’s lost husband by somehow knowing exactly what had occurred instantly. As he was easily dispatched by Geno whilst having a massive power advantage over Geno, his ranking has been set at 3, given his single instance of killing Nyguyen.

Iteza – A member who is mostly known for the vast arsenal he creates whenever he roleplays, attempting to cover all of the scenarios, though he tends to create far too many techniques that are relatively useless when one attempts to put them use. Many of them are easy to avoid or stop, and some are even detrimental to the user themselves. His most impressive feat of merit in recent times is when he defeated Genesis when they had a vast difference in power between them, but given this is the only time this has happened, and he has failed to effectively defeat anyone else, and the fact that he was defeated by an individual far higher than him on the chart, places him at a ranking of 2.

Emman – An individual known mostly by people who took residence on Ingoo, Emman has shown little combat ability besides that of creating half decent weapons and residing in a political position with little to no IC opposition of whatever actions he did, such as withdrawing large amounts of money from the village bank to fund his friend’s weapons. It was assumed he was merely a figurehead that could be dispatched at any time, but such an act never occurred, thus Emman has been given a ranking of 1 for never being in a fight of any merit, but for showing signs of ingenuity.

Cut – A subject of much controversy, given his OOC conduct, Cut is a well-known name among many. His feats are well known among a vast majority of roleplayers, such as his many attempts to defeat anybody who has ever even mentioned his name in a negative fashion, only to end up killing himself with whatever attack he meant to be directed at those he disliked. His relationship with Roxas is unknown, but it is assumed they share a closely knit friendship as though they were loves, though that would never happen as Cut is straight as an arrow in motion. Save his occasional grammar mistakes, Cut has claimed to have defeated ‘tons’ of people in fights, such as Roxas and Hayato, and while his claims have SOME merit, they were ultimately disproven, and he has been given a ranking of 1 as a result.