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 Twilight Seiker, Jinchūriki: Isobu

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Twilight Seiker

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PostSubject: Twilight Seiker, Jinchūriki: Isobu    3/19/2014, 11:31 am

Character Template
Name: Twilight Seiker
Age: 19
Village: Takigakure
Rank: Genin
Appearance: Twilight is 5' 6" weighs 100lb and has vary fair skin. Her body shape wouldn't be considered a true hourglass but the general appearance of one is still there. Her hair is black and shiny. It is a few inches longer than shoulder length. You can count on her to wear her signature grey hoody with the hood always pulled up over her head. Her sea blue eyes are slightly hidden by her hair and the shadows cast from her hood giving her a rather unfriendly look. When not being spoken to directly Twilight can look spaced out like she is off in her own little world. In general Twilight doesn't show very much emotion in her face or body language making her thoughts really hard to figure out. Twilight will portray fake emotions to get people to be more comfortable around her which in the long run unintentionally confuses people more. Twilight can be found slouching, leaning, or propping her feet up in an effort to get comfortable. She is vary rarely just standing especial if she feels she might be there for awhile. If there isn't something around to lean against she will sit down.

Twilight is a quiet person who slinks around in the shadows. She gives the impression that she is very lazy and in some ways she is. As she get comfortable and observes people it appears as if she is just resting. Really though she is mulling things over in her head. Normally things like the bijuu inside of her. What she plans on doing in life. How to unlock her feelings. The meaning of life. Most of the things she thinks about are philosophical. The way that Twilight is lazy is in doing work or responsibility of any sort. She likes her over abundance of free time and will try to keep it.

One of Twilight favorite past times is training. Not because she wants to be able to beat everyone or show off but because she just enjoys being in good physical and mental shape. Twilight actually tries to avoid violence. Its a lot of work to fight and for what? There are occasions though that Twilight feels like having a nice friendly spar. Usually when she is stressed out. As for Twilight's views for killing she will try to avoid it but wouldn't feel bad if she did it. This might be because she witnessed the death of many of her friends when she was 5 during the bijuu sealing mission.

Twilight is not interested in romance in any way shape or form. She is too deeply involved with her own thoughts and struggles to care about an intimate relationship with another thing. Her parents also didn't want her getting into a relationship. Other than the usual reason they are afraid she might tell him about the bijuu. Then there is the arrogance Twilight see's in a lot of guys. She doesn't feel like taking the effort to weed the right ones out.

Twilight has a few friends but they would better be described as acquaintances. Twilight is too reclusive to establish a firm friendship. This is the biggest problem in her life. Her parents and the elders want her to have lots of friend and she wants to have lots of friends but relating with her peers is an impossible task. How many of them have been orphaned then have all their friends killed in front of them and then have some monster sealed inside of you. None would be the answer.

Twilight doesn't understand why the elders decided to seal the bijuu in her. When ever they refer to it they speak as though it was a monster. Twilight didn't understand why. She had gone within herself and seen the thing. It just looked like a really strange turtle. A very large one. She figured it must suck been sealed up inside her. Twilight thought if she was sealed up all alone she would go insane. Twilight does not like the elders. She thinks they are very selfish. They may have done some great stuff for Twilight but they have also done some horrible stuff to her as well.

Twilight lovers her parents as though they were of her own blood. She gets along with them much better than other famuilys. She know the things they say and do even if she doesn't like them are said and done with her well being in mind. This isn't to say they are without their struggles.

Twilight currently has no ambitions or goals and its driving her nuts. She goes through life without any purpose. The elders seem to have something planned for Twilight but she doesn't know what. She is considering running off and exploring the world a bit to get to know more so that she might find her own purpose. The only thing keeping her there are her parents. She doesn't want to disappoint them or make them angry. They have done so much for her the least she can do is not run away.



Saphira Twilight's mom was a seamstress. She owned her own little shop and was well know for her master in the art throughout the village. She was a very social person and new almost everyone in the village. Often times she could be seen talking with many other women sitting at a table while she worked on her trade. Her life was almost perfect. The only thing she was missing was romance. One day a well know and liked village ninja by the name of Keith came by. It was an unusual occurrence because the respected ninja was normally to busy doing mission or training to be casually walking around town. Even though he was well know and Saphira knew many she hadn't seen his particular face before. He was there because one of his favorite combat uniforms was ruined and was looking to get it fixed. Of all the men she had met she never met one quite as handsome as this and she already heard good things about him through gossip. It didn't take long before the two where dating and then married.

It was like a fairy tail ending. Their life was happy and they had no complaints. That is till one day Keith died in battle. Saphira was distraught she had planned on telling him the good news that she was pregnant when he returned but he never did. Saphira received much support after her loss by the village which helped her pull through it.


Taki had so far defended from every invasion but they knew they wouldn't be able to keep it up for long. The village elders decided they needed a bijuu for themselves it was the only way they could be certain their village would stay strong, but there were many complications. First the act of subduing a bijuu is a nearly impossible task. Next the village wasn't very advance in the way of fuuinjutsu. They would have to grab insignificant people who nobody would noticing missing until one finally survived the sealing with such undeveloped sealing methods. Then there was the host. The elders new from other villages that these hosts were generally hated and outcast which always turned around to bite them in the butt. So they would have to keep it a secret. They needed a mentally stable host and they needed to keep the other villages from knowing they have a bijuu and what they were about to do for it. They were about to sacrifice live for the good of the village. Most likely orphans.

The Elders put together a team and the group of orphans to be sacrificed. The team went to capture the nearby 3 tails. Many died but miraculously (some think divine intervention) they managed to restrain it. Then they began sealing it in the orphans, but it wasn't working. The orphans were dying left and right and they were running out and losing hope. All that trouble to subdue the bijuu would be in vain. They came upon the last child and miraculously she lived and the bijuu was sealed.


After Saphira fell I'll and died. Twilight was sent to an orphanage to grow up. As time past the villagers forgot about Saphira and Keith and Twilight was like any other orphan. Actually she was a bit different. Twilight kept to herself not playing much just observing and watching the others play. This behavior did not make her a prime candidate for adoption. The years went by and she remained an orphan.

When Twilight turned 5 she was chosen as a sacrifice in the attempt to gain a bijuu. Twilight didn't know what was going on all she new was all this ninja and the three tails was very scary. The successful sealing of the three tails inside Twilight was actually a blessing on her life.

Upon their arrival the few that new of the mission were jubilant. There village a minor village had a bijuu in its possession. The elders sought out the perfect family to adopt Twilight. They wanted to make sure the girl had a normal life. She and her new family would be told of the separate life living inside of her and how they needed to keep it secret but other than that it shouldn't have too much of an impact on their life.


The elders required Twilight to be a ninja so she was enrolled into the academy. She found the stuff she learned to be rather interesting. Twilights interaction with the other kids on the other hand wasn't so great. She was a reclusive person and hid her emotions away from the world. This made making friends very difficult. Her emotional emptiness was an automatic thing. Twilight didn't know how to stop from automatically pushing it all away. She wanted to stop and start making friends but couldn't figure out how. She began faking emotions which did the trick. She made some friends but it was distant.

Twilights relation ship with her adoptive family was very good. They actually got along better than most family's that isn't to say there aren't any blow ups. Her mom's name is Venessa and she is a ninja. Her father's name is Ramsey and he is a black smith. Twilight gets along a lot better with her mom. Twilight just couldn't relate to her fathers love of tools. In Twilight's mind her body was the only tool she needed.

Twilight graduated the academy with average test scores but she was capable of more. She was just too lazy to do it. Twilight enjoys the life of a ninja to an extent. She like training but she doesn't like the responsibility. She wishes she could be a ninja without having to do missions she finds it boring. Twilight has no motivation to rank up and has been quite content as a genin.


Twilight and her bijuu's personality are actually very similar. They are both shy, reclusive, and don't do a whole lot of talking. Due to Twilight calm mind she has been able to meet the three tails once. They just stared at each other. Isobu burning with hatred for being trapped and Twilight trying to figure out just what the 3 tails is. The meeting did nothing but arise more questions from Twilight. What is this. Why is it in me. The bijuu's presence in her life has caused only one significant change. She spaces out a lot. You could be having a conversation with her and next thing you know she's staring into la la land.

Other Information
Family/Siblings: Ramsey and Venessa adopted parents
Morals: Concerned only about emotions and how they are impacted. Judges people based on their consideration of others.
Values: friendship, loyalty, kindness, and mercy.
Boundaries: Twilight will never betray anyone close to her.
Motto: Its the selfish who bring hate into the world.
Likes: Pho, seafood, stars, kindness, and training.
Dislikes: Wheat, selfishness and missions,

sub-specialty: Ninjutsu

Genin +4 skill points
Not having a starting element +2 skill points
6 skill points in total

Bloodline and Jutsu information:
Bloodline: N/A
Starting Element: N/A

Roleplay Sample (Optional for genin):
Some back ground: Twilight is Astral's pet Nightfury though the relationship is more of a friendship. Ibashi is Astral's best friend and the two had recently taken over Otogakure.

Astral had made it to Oto. She couldn't wait to go to the restaurant that sold the pho. Astral's mouth watered as she thought about the intense flavors rolling across her tongue. She was almost there when the sound of fighting reached her. It was coming from a house to her left. Astral ran over and opened the door to see what was going on. One guy had just pinned another guy down. The guy on top pulled a knife. "Stop!" Astral yelled. However the guy with the knife did not yield. He was hell bent on killing the guy below him. Before he could do anything further Astral gathered lighting into her hand and sent fourth a beast of lightning towards the guy with the knife. She aimed the beast at the arm that held the knife. She purposely toned it down so it wouldn't rip his arm off. The knife was released from his hands and he fell to the ground screaming in pain. Then something unexpected occurred. The other guy who seemed like a victim released a smoke bomb. Astral coughed as she exited the room. She waited outside till the smoke cleared. She figured the guy was just escaping, but after the smoke had cleared Astral saw something horrific. The guy who had been holding the knife earlier was lying on the ground covered in blood. Astral ran over "Oh my god are you ok?" The man had been stabbed many times and while Astral was no expert in medical madders she knew that if someone wasn't breathing they were dead. A young lady then burst into the room. She gasped as she looked at her husband on the ground. Tears formed in her eyes as she began yelling at Astral. "You, you killed my husband. You dirty rotten leaf ninja. You come to our village and kill our people. You are the minions of evil itself." She then left the room and returned with knife in hand. "Your going to pay for what you've done!" "Please this is just a misunderstanding..." Astral said before the lady interrupted while still charging. "Lies I saw you and your friend kill in broad day light just the other day." Astral jumped onto Twilight and they retreated.

While Astral was in the air she thought about what had happened. Whoever the guy with the knife was he was defending himself or his home and then he was murdered by the other guy. Also through this whole event she lost even more trust with the village. If she could find this guy and bring him to the women she could prove that she didn't do it. After that she would let the women decide what should be done with him. After all he was the one who killed her husband. How was she going to find this guy though he was obviously sneaky. Then Astral remembered Twilight could just use her nose. The two flew back to the ground and Twilight began the hunt.

Obviously it didn't take long for Twilight to find out where the man was living. Astral burst through the front door as if she was expecting the man to be there. Astral searched the house for him and in one room she saw a hit list with pictures on the wall. She noticed one of the pictures a picture of a the guy who she just recently saw die crossed out. This guy was a hard core murderer. Astral was more determined then ever to find him now. She searched the room for any more evidence not that she needed anymore and under some dirty clothing she found a trap door leading underground. Astral figured that must be where the man was. "Twilight your going to have to stay here the door isn't big enough and no you can't make your own door. We don't want to alert the man so he can escape." Astral jumped down the hole of dirt and waited to see if Twilight was going to make an entrance anyway. She was happy to find Twilight making no such attempt. Eventually she found the man sitting on a throne of quarts crystal. He had his legs crossed and his hands were clasped in front of him like he was in deep thought. He spoke to Astral with much malice in his voice "I knew you would come here you are so predictable." Astral payed no attention to his words.

"You killed that man, you've killed many people before him, and you are planning on killing more after. I've come here to take you to justice surrender now or face serious injury."

"Oh but are you not equally responsible for that mans death. I seem to remember you helping me kill him. Yes, I remember it quite clearly you attacked him and sent him to the floor allowing me to make the killing blow."

"Your a mad man. That was just a misunderstanding. I thought it was him who was trying to kill you."

"But he would have killed me had you not stopped him and for that I thank you. Now lets me cast aside your arrogance and show you why you are just as much of a killer as I."

"I have never killed any human in my life."

"Now now let me finish. You are a ninja you are a tool for killing and have no other function. You do anything your village asks. Now look me in the eyes and tell me you have never attacked someone who wasn't harming anything in any way?"

Suddenly Astral had a vivid flash back of the events that unfolded in the land or rivers. She was the one who instigated the battle and and for no reason other than the leaf just didn't want them there. Also during that time she had unleashed unimaginable force against the lava creature. She didn't want to admit it then but she knew there was no way that thing would live after that. Which meant she had killed and she killed without any valid reason.

"I see you remain silent. So tell me is it right for you a killer to judge me?"

"I'll take you to the kage she will judge you."

"Oh, your kage and I imagine she hasn't killed anyone either. Does that mean we can confess together and both go to jail. I must say spending jail time with you would be much more bearable."

Astral silently wished Katsuyo was here. She didn't like how this man was making her feel. He was logically turning her into the bad guy and she was starting to believe it.

"By the way I suggest you don't tell anyone about this after all you don't want to go to jail do you. There is a secret exit out that way if you would like to use it." He said pointing.

Astral broke down in tears. This whole time she was trying to be the protector, but in reality she was the vary person she hated. Her whole life was a lie, so what was her life?

"For pity sake if you don't leave my domain I'm going to kill you too."

Astral ignored his threat and tried to think of anything good she had done, but she couldn't think of anything. She never healed anyone, she never fed the poor, and the only person she ever protected was Twilight. Hell she even threatened to kill Ibashi.

"Very well if you won't leave I shall do you a favor and end your existence."

Astral was suddenly enraged. "You did this!" She preformed a few hand signs at lightning speed and encased her body in lightning. She grabbed the guy by the throat and lifted him off of the ground. The lightning coursing through his body paralyzed him leaving him at Astral's mercy. "You did this. You came along and burst open my illusionary existence. If it wasn't for you my life would have continued without any interruptions." With the guy paralyzed he couldn't reply with his sharp tongue. "I judge people based on their emotional impact on others and let me tell you you have just murdered my emotions." Astral didn't know the guy had already died form the lightning wreaking havoc on his body he was still stiff and looked wide awake and listening.

Twilight heard the familiar sound of Astral crying and she burst a hole into the ground. She ran over to where Astral was and saw something she wished she never did. Twilight could see in Astral's eyes killing intent. Which was something Astral never had. She could see Nightfury traits occurring in Astral. She was protecting her honer and attacking to kill. In the past Twilight might have liked this but she had realized long ago Astral was no Nightfury and it was ridiculous to try to turn her into one. She tried to prevent this when she almost did this to Ibashi, but she was too late this time. Astral was gone replaced with a stranger. Twilight was frustrated, sad, betrayed, and disappointed all at the same time. She tackled Astral to the ground and thankfully the shock it gave her turned of the lightning emitting from her body. Twilight kept her a paw on her and looked deep into her eyes. She saw shock, but she also saw a burning anger with no real target. This was too much for Twilight she could think of only one way to express to Astral her feelings. She let loose one of her heart wrenching roars right in Astral's face. Twilight took one more look at Astral's eyes but still she saw the anger. Twilight got up and ran off. Her precious Astral was tainted.

As is the norm Twilight decided to interrupt. Astral was shocked by what she did. Twilight tackled Astral to the ground and roared in her face before taking off. Astral had no idea what that was all about. She never could figure out some of the things that went on in Twilight's head. Astral then just noticed she had killed the guy. "Oh well serves him right" she thought. Astral then continued to the pho place. After ordering some pho Astral sat alone. She forgot how lonely eating alone was. She had become so accustomed to some one being around her almost at all times. Twilight was always around except for this time. Last time Astral was separated with Twilight she had Katsuyo and last time she was here in Oto she had Ibashi. Now again just like her genin days she was alone. As a genin Astral had found one person who was to be her teacher, but then he died shortly after. Astral would give anything just to hear his whistle again. She knew at least that nobody she knew was going to die anytime soon. Twilight is well Twilight. Katsuyo is a very powerful ninja. Ibashi on the other hand. Well Ibashi just had luck on his side. That and other worldly beings that still creeped Astral out just thinking about it.

After finishing her pho Astral began to grow bored. She didn't know anyone here and wished Twilight would come back already. That's when a young man a few years older than Astral sat down with her. "Hey you don't mind if I join you do you?" Astral gave the man a curious look. He had some professional looking clothing on, but it was dirty. "No I don't mind." The guy looked pleased by the answer. "My names Chuck, Chuck Finley. Might I inquire your name young ninja."

"My names Astral Uzumaki nice to you meet you."

"A pleasure indeed. I saw what you two did the other day and I must say brilliant strategy. By the way where is your friend?" Astral couldn't figure out what this guy wanted. At first she figured he was trying to sell something, but now she was just clueless. "Um I don't know we split up after we failed to defend the land of rivers."

"Ah I see. Must of been some really powerful folk to defeat you two. Ok I'm going to get straight to the point you obviously took our village to gain something and you have a lot to gain from us, but I can tell your not the brains of the operation so I have a proposition for you. I know this place inside and out and we are rich. I mean look at us. Do you see anyone here who isn't happy or needs something they don't have no. The truth is they have more than they need. I can help you take their overstock and make you rich. All I ask for in return is you remember who it was that helped you out."

This greatly pissed Astral off. She stood up abruptly and flipped the table over so she could get closer to this traitor. All the activity around them came to a stand still and everybody turned their heads to see what was going on. Astral went right up to the man and said "You want me to hurt and betray these people so I can gain from it you make me sick. Leave this town traitor and never return!"

"Who's going to make me you? I know you and I know you can't control your own power. Just one attack from you would surely kill me and you don't have the physical strength to fight me. Your a stereotypical girl. All bark no bite with no chance to win a real fight. And I can tell just by looking at you your not the type to kill anyways."

This guy was an idiot and a traitor she was going to take care of him just like she took care of the last guy. She was going to protect this village no matter what it took. She couldn't fail Oto like she did Rivers. "I wouldn't be so sure of that." Astral gathered lighting chakra into her hand. Suddenly his expression changed. It changed to something she had never seen before. Complete and utter fear of her. Astral launched the lighting right at the guy at point blank range. The room was now a bloody mess. Astral looked around and saw everyone huddled close together and as far a way from her as possible. "Why do you all have those same eyes? Can't you see I'm protecting you." With that she stormed out of the place.

This was an important point in Astral's life at LR so I can't help but say what happened next. Which I cut out cuz there is other PC involvement. I made this little plot so in the end I could strengthen Astral's morals further but things went terribly wrong.

At the moment she killed the man Ibashi happened to walk into the building. He was enraged by what he saw and attacked Astral. Astral currently being in a bad mood with a broken mind attack Ibashi back only she aimed to kill and he died. She then drug his body back to Konoha but on the way she was interrupted by the brother of one of the people she killed. He had set up a trapped of bomb tags and utterly destroyed the two bodies killing Astral. Or at least everyone thought Astral died.

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Twilight Seiker

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Ninja Profile
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Welcome to the site

  • Since you are starting off with Isobu, you wouldn't get the +2 for not having a clan, sorry
  • Please put your starting jutsu's in the profile section.
  • Once you make those changes, its approved

Thank you
The Queen



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Twilight Seiker

Gender : Female
Number of posts : 308
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Yuuka wrote:

Opening Month of the site everyone gets +2 Skill points
Creating a Genin during the first month the site is open +1 Skill point
Not Being part of a Clan + 2 skill points
Starter Skill Points as Genin + 4 points

Total of 9 Skill points.

Not making a fuss just pointing it out. Anyways fixed and thanks for the speedy approval.
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Twilight Seiker, Jinchūriki: Isobu
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