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 Minor Nation Confusion.

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PostSubject: Minor Nation Confusion.   3/13/2014, 5:25 pm

Just to let you guys know, the Land of Lakes and Land of Swamps should be switched, with Amegakure being put in the Land of Swamps and Takigakure put in the Land of Lakes.

As well as the issue that Otogakure shouldn't logically exist in this timeline, as Orochimaru was never born, and this nobody took over the Land of Ricefields to make Oto. I suggest that Oto be replaced with Kusagakure, or at the very least we add Kusagakure as a nation on the same level as Taki and Ame. Maybe the Land of Iron could be added as well? If we want to be silly, Yusagakure [Village Hidden in the Hotsprings- Where Hidan is from] could be added as well.


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Minor Nation Confusion.
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