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 Mao Narukami

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Gender : Male
Number of posts : 11
Village : Otogakure
Bloodline : Cursed Seal
Registration date : 2014-03-05

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Alliegance: Otogakure
Elemental Mastery: Wind

PostSubject: Mao Narukami    3/12/2014, 10:58 pm

Name: Mao Narukami
Village: Otogakure
Link to approved character sheet: Mao Narukami

Gender: Male
Clan/Bloodline: Cursed Mark of Earth

Specialties and Level:

  • Taijutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Medical
  • Sensory
  • Weaponry (including Kenjutsu)
  • Fuuinjutsu
  • Puppetry


Starting Ninja Points:

  • Genin - 600 NP
  • chuunin - 800 NP
  • Tob. Jounin - 1000 NP
  • Jounin - 1300 NP
  • Kage/Organization Leader - 1,600 NP

Starting Elements:

  • Genin - Start with 1 Element
  • chuunin -Start with 1 Element
  • Tob. Jounin - Start with 1 Element
  • Jounin - Start with 2 Elements
  • Kage/Organization Leader - Start with 2 Elements

Advance Elements:

Starting Skill(s):

Jutsus: (List Starting Jutsu's Purchased with Ninja Points)

Weapons: (Any weapons you start off with, purchased)

Starting Incentives: (Any starting incentives, such as Mysterious peacock chakra etc etc)


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Ataku,Bijuu Daycare

Gender : Male
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Age : 22
Village : Konohagakure
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Alliegance: Konohagakure
Elemental Mastery: Fuuton

PostSubject: Re: Mao Narukami    3/13/2014, 1:21 am

i cant approve this until you finish filling it out and make sure to remove anything that doesnt correlate to you and your rank.


The exile is Over and i have returned

Jutsus, techniques, and weapons



u make me want 2 b ghey tree (heart)
in the most hetero way tho- Joker 2014
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Mao Narukami
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