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 Tee's Ninja wear

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PostSubject: Tee's Ninja wear   3/11/2014, 7:07 pm

Name The Hidden
Rank: C
Type: I guess Unique
Requirements: To be Tee and 11k ryo (cost is titanium -7k and leather -4k)
Description: Doesn't do much and is pretty basic, the mask is made of titanium and thus deflects most weaponry and such directed toward it due to the hard material. The main purpose of it however is its hidden capabilities to cover up Tee's chakra signature, it is basically chakra suppression as long as Tee doesn't use any techniques, as soon as he uses any jutsu the suppression is unveiled until he is no longer performing/having a jutsu active.


[13:05:33] Kabuke : Tee, I'll give you aalllllllll of meeeeee~
[18:44:35] The End : I like to helicopter dick before sleeping
[19:50:57] @ Lokifur Khaddaoui : [19:50:40] EmptyTree : When you 48 hour someone, do you have to wait 48 hours after your attack?

[19:51:01] @ Lokifur Khaddaoui : wtf kind of question is this
[20:56:49] Jabo : We could have a three way but no teaming up is needed
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Ataku,Bijuu Daycare

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PostSubject: Re: Tee's Ninja wear   3/11/2014, 8:43 pm



The exile is Over and i have returned

Jutsus, techniques, and weapons



u make me want 2 b ghey tree (heart)
in the most hetero way tho- Joker 2014
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Tee's Ninja wear
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