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 Cutting Edge Tech

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PostSubject: Cutting Edge Tech   3/11/2014, 10:32 am

Equipment Information:

Price List:

Name The Queen's Edge
Rank: C
Type: Special
Requirements: Cannot be wielded by one who isn't at least a weapon specialist and possesses lightning natured chakra.
Description: Because the blade is composed of chakra conductive metal it can easily conduct lightning natured chakra to enhance its piercing power. The user is able to freely flow chakra through the weapon causing the weapon to vibrate immensely resulting in an audible humming sound. Although the vibrations occur it does not hamper the user's ability to wield the weapon with complete accuracy. When the vibrations occur the blade is able to break defenses up to one rank above that of the user with little difficulty. The cost of maintaining chakra flow into the weapon is equal to that of the weapon itself per post and can be canceled at any time to preserve chakra. The user does not need to actually be in physical contact with the weapon for the ability to take place. If he/she were to throw their weapon for whatever reason it could continue to vibrate until the user stops it. Due to the fact that lightning natured flows through this weapon it can electrocute any who come into contact with it unless they are protected. The blade is roughly 5 feet long from end to end.
Weapon Materials: Chakra Conducting Metal (Free due to skill)
Equipment: Kunai x100 (10,000 Ryo), Basic Sword (5,000 Ryo), Flash Bombs x10 (15,000 Ryo), Smoke Bombs x10 (10,000 Ryo), Ninja Wire (60 meters for 1000 Ryo) = 41,000 Ryo - 12,300 (30% Weapon Specialist Discount)
Amount Owned: 100,000 Ryo
Amount Spent: 28,700 Ryo
Amount Left: 71,300 Ryo


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PostSubject: Re: Cutting Edge Tech   3/11/2014, 10:20 pm



The exile is Over and i have returned

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Cutting Edge Tech
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