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 Specialized Jutsu's

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PostSubject: Specialized Jutsu's   3/4/2014, 10:40 pm

Specialized Jutsu's

A lot of people have begun to wonder and question about certain jutsu's that various people through out the course of the series have used, that aren't quite Hidan Clans, or KKG's, but come from specialized equipment or various specialized aspects. As such, we here on the site have striven to creating a rather unique system for which they can be utilized. Anyone can use these techniques as long as they purchase they required materials and learn the jutsu's associated with them.

For now, the only three allowed are, Ink Ninjutsu, used by Sai. Soap Bubble used by Ukatada, and Smoke Ninjutsu, used by a generic ninja way back in pre-shippuden series.

  • Custom D Rank Moves take 2 Pints
  • Custom C Rank Moves take 3 Pints
  • Custom B rank Moves take 8 Pints
  • Custom A Rank Moves take 1 Vial
  • Custom S Rank Moves take 2 Vials
  • Custom S-Rank Kinjutsu Take 4 Vials
  • Custom S-Rank Factor Take 6 Vials

Ink Ninjutsu


Soap Bubble Ninjutsu


Smoke Ninjutsu

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Specialized Jutsu's
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