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 A topic on Speed/Tier Information

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PostSubject: A topic on Speed/Tier Information   1/20/2014, 12:37 pm

Tier System

On many sites, especially Naruto, speed becomes a huge issue. How fast am I, how fast can I go, how much faster am I, is he, are they than myself. Many sites try and set a limit on, how fast someone can go. Or give a statistical number to speed. But even such things don't work out, questions arise. Gaara's sand could just marginally not keep up with Rock Lee during the exams, but when combined with ultra light weight, can it keep up with the 3rd gate? That question isn't answered, or even quantified. Other sites give analogies/comparisons, this ninja is at the speed of Rock Lee. Well Rock Lee was a fairly good taijutsu expert, but its been stated many times, Neji could mop the floor with Lee, does that make Neji faster than Lee? Hinata was said to be superior is speed to Neji, does that make Hinata superior to both lee and Neji? Such questions are never really answered or even explained beyond any normal means. We here try and strive for a simple, effective and non-qualitative approach to it.

Everyone on our site is the same speed when determining bonuses. Taijutsu and Weaponry experts being the obvious exception. Taijutsu and Weaponry experts are naturally faster than those who don't have taijutsu/weaponry. How much faster, not much, but enough that it is considered a valid point in an argument. Things like, twice as fast, able to reach a ninja in a split nano-second, no not even close.

When determining how things like the gates, LRA, body flicker work, everyone is regarded the same. That means, should a master+ and a sub-specialist unlock the first gate, or use body flicker, they are both the same speed. Why? Well its to keep those unruly questions from arising. And to keep things as simple and effective as possible. So, on to the tiers

These tier's, and speed in general, is mainly concerned with sprinting, running across a country, land or such, provides no benefits, and won't get you there any faster. It would most likely waste chakra, and you'd arrive much later than expected. Remember this when considering if you can traverse the total length of your village, it will take time and more chakra than expected

Tier 1
Here are the techniques/moves/jutsu that are Tier 1 Speeds, they are all considered equal and have very little differences between them.

  • 1st Gate
  • 2nd Gate
  • 3rd Gate
  • Body Flicker
  • Incomplete Sage Mode
  • Moves/People used with Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique
  • First stage of Curse Seal Mode
  • Taijutsu Master+
  • Weaponry Master+
  • Custom A Rank and under moves that increase speed (regardless if they state differently, this is set)

Tier 2
Here are the techniques/moves/jutsu's that are Tier 2 Speeds, they are all considered equal, and have very little differences in-between them. They are consider much faster than Tier One, and superior in every way to those who don't/aren't using a tier move

  • 4th Gate
  • 5th Gate
  • Stage 2 Curse Seal Mode
  • Moves/People used with Earth Release: Ultra Light-Weight Rock Technique
  • Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors
  • Swift Release: Shadowless Flight
  • Custom S Rank moves that increase speed (regardless if they state differently, this is set)

Tier 3
Consider the pinnacle of speed on the site, there is nothing faster. Superior in every way to those who are tier one and untraceable to anyone except those in Tier 3. There is very little if any difference in speed between those who are Tier 3 Levels

  • 6th Gate
  • 7th Gate
  • Complete Sage Mode
  • Lightning Release Armor
  • There are no custom moves/techniques that allow a user to gain Tier 3 speed. Regardless of who/when it was approved

Please be respectful and understanding on how speed works. Generally speaking, should issues arise, like whose faster, he's at second gate, I'm at third. Staff goes with the higher gate. If its custom moves or canonical ones (Light Weight, Sage mode) we will determine they are all equal. Staff won't use speed as a crutch to lean on for calling hits or allowing death. Speed isn't the only factor, nor is it something that staff readily use to make decisions.

Speed is for your own convenience in determining sequence of events, not a club to beat people with a single punch, especially when shown it took several gates to even break through Gaara's Armor of Sand, one single gate or two isn't enough to knock someone's head off, or move so fast they are unable to react. Such statements/claims are always denied in staff's eyes.
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A topic on Speed/Tier Information
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