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 Implant Information

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PostSubject: Implant Information   1/19/2014, 2:37 pm

Implant Information

If one looks around to all the Naruto sites, they begin to get a picture of the implantation process. Roll this, jump through this, buy this, achieve that. In the manga and show implantation appears to happen on a daily occurrence. As one looks around, they see that many sites limit how many implants, how you can implant, what you can implant or whom can be implanted. Some sites even have you roll a dice to see if you live or die, yikes who needs that. Here we like to take a step back, realize that implanting is a pretty big step in your characters life and a pretty hefty responsibility.

So, how do we handle implantation, pretty loosely. If you can manage to obtain the implant, have a trained medical implant it in you, we are pretty satisfied.

Implantation Information

  • Implanting DNA into your body requires one to have it preformed in a hospital or medical center. By a trained (Master Specialist) Medical Professional.
  • On our site, we only limit one specific type of implant, which are Dojutsu's. You can have one Dojutsu in each eye, but no Danzo style, or Kidomaru style implants. You only at max, can have two dojutsu's.
  • You can have as many Implants (Non-dojutsu KKG's) as you can afford/able too.
  • The implants can't interfer with each other, meaning you can't have say, a clan like Sharingan, and Byakugan, but also implant Ranmaru's KKG but not utilize the eyes, its all or nothing
  • Implantation is safe on our site, there are no random chances of death occurring, however there are some limits.
  • One does not gain the elements of the implanted person, they must possess those elements either already, or at some point before they can utilize the techniques and advance elements techniques of what they just implanted.
  • If any specialties are requires, the user must possess those as well.
  • Implant is something specific (not a pair of eyes, but a single eye, to implant both, costs as much as implanting two separate things)

Implantation Costs
Each Implant costs a ninja a certain amount of ninja points as well as implanting something into your body causes your body to have a possibility to reject it. On this site, we don't do rejections, instead we do a loss of Chakra Resources to show that implantation is a serious thing. Each of these stack with each of them. Meaning, if on implanted two sharingan eyes into their head, they'd have to pay 400+900 ninja points and lose 80+160 chakra resources to get it.

Ninja Point Cost
First Implant - 400 Ninja Points
Second Implant - 900 Ninja Points
Third Implant - 1,800 Ninja Points
Fourth Implant - 2,600 Ninja Points
Fifth Implant - 4,200 Ninja Points
Sixth Implant - 6,400 Ninja Points

Chakra Resource Cost
First Implant - 80 Chakra Resources
Second Implant - 120 Chakra Resources
Third Implant - 200 Chakra Resources
Fourth Implant - 280 Chakra Resources
Fifth Implant - 320 Chakra Resources
Sixth Implant - 460 Chakra Resources

Each of these must be paid before the implant is approved by staff. Finally, there is a limit as to how long your body takes to recover after each implant, here we go by topic's for this recovery time.

Post Recover
First Implant - 5 Posts
Second Implant - 10 Posts
Third Implant - 13 Posts
Fourth Implant - 18 Posts
Fifth Implant - 22 Posts
Sixth Implant - 30 Posts

[Traveling/Resting Topic's/Posts do not count]

Getting 6 implants can be costly, and the loss of each of that chakra along the way hurts a ninja. However, its certainly doable, and we strive towards any and all ninja who get this far, in fact, its a bonus when you reach 4 implants that you get an additional 5 skill points, and if you manage to get all 6 implants, you will receive 10 additional skill points to use.
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Implant Information
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