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 Summons and NP

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PostSubject: Summons and NP   2/25/2014, 11:11 am

So we have this summon systems where they have certain abilities (as determined by the one to register the contract), but they also have a starting amount of NP according to the rules.

My question is this: How does Summons gain more NP? Do they gain NP for each post they are summoned or do they gain it in another manner?

Also, is the Summoning Technique a thing on this site or do we instead pay to be able to summon the individual things from the contract (the latter being what seems to be the case)?


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PostSubject: Re: Summons and NP   2/25/2014, 2:07 pm

When you make a contract with Summons you do not need to pay anything nor need the summoning Jutsu. However you need to individually purchase the summons. For example you register a Frog Contract but need to pay X amount of NP for Gamabunta. Starting NP for summons will be for their Jutsu you want them to have. Additional NP for the summons comes out your own existing pool.


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Summons and NP
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