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 Site Opening

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PostSubject: Site Opening   1/18/2014, 2:14 pm


I want to take a second and welcome you all to our beautiful site. Its been a long time for many of you, and for some of you, hopefully (fingers crossed a lot of you) its a new site, and new experience. We wish to welcome everyone, old and new alike. So, lets get started with the opening bonus, I know that's really why your reading.

  • Everyone who joins, creates a character this month, receives +2 additional skill points
  • Everyone who signs up as a genin this month, receives an additional +1 skill point.
  • Everyone who creates a character this month, receives 150 extra Ninja Points
  • Finally, if joining/re-registering and creating an active character, the user receives a free {Original Member} skill, which is useful for gifts in the future, rewards, events and contests. Basically our way of saying thank you to those who maintain activity and joined us during our first month. Believe me, it will pay off when using that skill, its basically a free +50 extra ninja points when you join events, contests, IOOC events and such.

Welcome to the site, enjoy your stay, and we'll see you hopefully for a long time.

The Founder/Staff
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Site Opening
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