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 The Land of Avalon

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PostSubject: The Land of Avalon   2/20/2014, 9:55 pm

The Land of Avalon is a Freeform Medieval Fantasy Forum. The site has officially been running for a decade, as of November 2013. The setting was originally built upon an Arthurian basis, but over the last decade has steadily evolved into its own fantasy setting.

+ No strict applications or character profile standards
+ No strict lore -- you can play any race, and be from anywhere
+ Freeform Roleplay
+ IC Political System
+ IC God/Deity System
+ IC Guild/Organization System
+ Character currency via post/responses
+ Tournaments, item giveaways, and dungeon crawls
+ Reward System for word length and plot
+ Wiki FAQ of Avalon lore, NPCs, kingdoms and overall information regarding the site
+ Mentoring System for both new and older roleplayers who would like to learn how to improve their writing skill
+ Consistently active members
+ Writers of all skill levels welcome and represented
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The Land of Avalon
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