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 Willcox's inventory

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PostSubject: Willcox's inventory   2/19/2014, 4:25 pm

Name Jikkokage (Execution Shadow)
Rank: B
Type: Unique
Requirements: Kenjutsu specialty + Five 400 word training posts with Kubikiribocho
Description: A blade made to look like the legendary SSM blade, but without the sword's special abilities. Essentially allows the wielder to do dual wield the legendary sword. It was original forged as replica of the blade after the original was stolen by Willcox's father. Wen Willcox retrieved the blade from his father, he infiltrated the vault where this blade was stored and stole it to further his training with the ancient blade.
Materials Used:
Steel x 3 = 12,000
Wood x 1 = 4,000

Total = 16,000


[19:30:16] @ Ataku :3 : was the answer semen?

Missions Completed:

D:0 C:1 B:0 A:0 S:0