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 Ninja Legend: A New Age

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PostSubject: Ninja Legend: A New Age   8/28/2014, 8:12 am

Birth of the Valleys

In the beginning there were only four villages, the Magma, the Death, the Snow, and the Stealth. Peace was endless in the villages and treaties were made, bonding the villages together through friendship. Jaymaru Iruki the Stealth Kage, Saruka Keda the Death Kage, and Roxl Oni the Magma Kage had an exceptionally close bond and their villages would unite for endless decades, including the time of the First Great War when the Akatsuki rose to power and waged war on the villages. Thousands of Shinobi would be wounded and killed and two of the greatest Kages, Jaymaru and Saruka would be lost. Thankfully the Rogue Leader Luko would bring in his rogue allies and join with Valleys, turning the scales and helping win the war. The shinobi would return home with hearts filled with great sorrow, but peace would once more wash over the lands, with the menacing shadow of the Akatsuki watching over them.

The Greatest Betrayal

With peace came the revival of Jaymaru who kept her identity a secret by changing her name to Ginger Stormwatcher and becoming a loner. She soon found herself in the fallen Storm village where she took to rebuilding the broken village that once belonged to her good friend Izan Yoai. During the same time as her revival the legendary storm ninja, Kinaga Unabara would rise from his grave as well. He would reside in the Stealth until Ginger (Jaymaru) would complete the Storm's revival. It wouldn't be long before the greatest act of betrayal would occur. Ginger would leave with Itachi, betraying her village and joining the Akatsuki. Kinaga would step up in her place and assume the role of Kage, thus four became five.

Unfortunately five Valleys would not be enough to stop Deidara from waging a second war on the villages. Twice as many shinobi would die in the Second Great War and traitors would be found out. Jaymaru who had betrayed her friends and family fought as though they didn't matter, but that didn't stop Kinaga from taking a stand and fight the former Stealth and Storm Kage. The battle raged for hours and although the villages were seemingly losing, they retreated for a final attack involving the Stealth Kage, Tenkuu and the Storm Kage, Kinaga. Together the two would be able to take down the Akatsuki, but a the last moment Kinaga could not forget his friendship with Jaymaru and stopped the jutsu. The Akatsuki took full advantage and won the war. The legendary storm ninja would be looked up as a traitor and would soon disappear from the villages, leaving the Storm Kageless and open to a cunning woman named Ziade.

An Era of Turmoil

With this defeat weighing on their shoulders, the villages would fall into turmoil. Before the Second Great War many of the villages had been attacked by the Akatsuki, including the Stealth and the Snow. The Snow was able to stand it's ground, but the Stealth's Kage Building was destroyed. And during a Kage's Meeting Tenkuu, the Stealth Kage would break a treaty with the Snow after her mother was accused of being a traitor, which she was. After the war the bitter feelings would remain and the Snow would decline a treaty with the Stealth and later attack them after making a deal with the Akatsuki. The Stealth were not prepared for their ninja had been sent to the Magma because the fiery village was under attack by serpent ninja. The Stealth would burn to the ground and then Magma would be attack again by the Akatsuki in the same day, but thankfully won despite their weakened state.

On the other side of the Valley the Akatsuki had sent out troops to attack the Death Valley who had lost their Kage thanks to Xantrex who turned Kazuya into a child. A Brat's rebellion would start in order to take back the village. The Storm on the other hand was still without a Kage, so Roan being the assistant would assume the role of temporary Kage and hire the Infamous Five, with their leader being Ziade, the very woman who would make a deal with Deidara. Thankfully Marut Serius would become the Arashikage and end the services of the Infamous Five before any real damage could be done.

The Darkest Hour

With the villages in their darkest hour all hope seemed to be lost, but the tables soon turned once more in their favor. The Magma would drive off the Akatsuki thanks to a volcano eruption and the Brat's Rebellion would be a success for Kazuya had returned to an adult and took back his village. Each village was terribly damaged, but the Stealth had taken the most damaged. Tenkuu who was stubborn would reject aide from both the Crested, who had joined the valleys under Kenjiro Hatario, the former Stealth assistant, and the Magma Valley who was ruled by Kira. Instead the Stealth would hire the Infamous Five without knowledge of their plotting with the Akatsuki. Thanks to Shen the ANBU Captain they would be asked to leave the village and would take refugee elsewhere.

A New Age

Twenty-one years have passed since the Darkest Hour, now peace has filled the lands. The heroes of the past have been laid to rest and new blood has taken the throne. The Akatsuki have been wiped out of existence, but a new has began to arise. A group known as the Shattered Blades has started rising to power. They are no more than a group of petty thieves and liars, nothing compared to the Akatsuki, but with the right leader their miniscule rein will soon become known throughout the Valleys.

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Ninja Legend: A New Age
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