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 War of Hearts: Kingdom Hearts RPG

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PostSubject: War of Hearts: Kingdom Hearts RPG   7/30/2014, 12:35 am




Welcome to War of Hearts.

War of Hearts is an alternate reality Kingdom Hearts rpg controlled by me, The Narrator. Here, members are the “chosen” which are the only beings in the universe that are immune to my control. The universe seems to be holding its breath waiting for a hero or villian to decide its fate. Sora never emerged from the darkness that overtook it and left both Riku and Kairi in comatose states that they just recently recovered from. With the help of Yen Sid, the Somebodies of the universe were able to combate the heartless that have swarmed across the universe unchecked. King Mickey motivates his army, sealing keyholes to protect planets from the heartless. Leon leads the Resistance, destroying the heartless with refugees from planets destroyed by the heartless. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, commands the heartless, seeking out planets to destroy and Somebodies to corrupt. Xemnas conceals Organization XIII, keeping their presence and actions hidden until the right time to strike. Where will you fit in this universe at war.


Special Features

War of Hearts allows members to pick traits as they level up they determines their growth as well as increase aspects of the character. Chosen can make custom abilities which amplify their abilities and eventually learn to control light and darkness themselves. There are various types of quests that are cycled in and out with new ones to keep the experience fresh. New aspects and planets will be added to the site as time progresses with member input as to how these new elements should be created.


Dystopia Productions

War of Hearts is a proud member of Dystopia Productions, a blossoming community for roleplayers with new types of setups for rpgs to be made. Rather than just the standard forum setup, Dystopia Productions offers pages as well as a full website setup for hopeful creators.


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War of Hearts: Kingdom Hearts RPG
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