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 Lost in Nightmares - A PokeFusion RP

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LiN Admin Riley

PostSubject: Lost in Nightmares - A PokeFusion RP   7/4/2014, 5:51 pm


At one point or another, we have all heard the tales of God like Pokemon. Masters of their element, more powerful than all other Pokemon combined. For some, the stories were not enough. They call themselves Team Nocturne and like so many other groups across our continents, they wished to wield the power of these creatures for themselves. For years they searched for a creature they referred to as Raquel though few had even heard of the creature before. Eventually, they tore a hole in the rift that separated our world and one unknown to us, thinking they would find their God on the other inside....

Instead, they found a world of darkness and twisted Pokemon....

Destroyed by the knowledge that their God did not exist, Team Nocturne harnessed the power of these combined Pokemon and began making their own while leaving the rift wide open. They took "normal" Pokemon that we had known and combined them with each other, leaving one creature that bore the similarities of both of the originals. Fused Pokemon, they called them.

With the rift open, whatever magic by which they fused Pokemon have come to be, we can now create our own "natural" fused Pokemon by breeding. Are these Pokemon evil, and are we evil for allowing our Pokemon to breed these creatures in existence? I don't think so. But I do know that I, and many of the other people in the Sitara Region will not stand for Team Nocturne's evil and cruelty.

We must take a stand.

-Professor Aria-

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Lost in Nightmares - A PokeFusion RP
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