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 Natsu Dragneel Roleplay!

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PostSubject: Natsu Dragneel Roleplay!   7/3/2014, 2:42 am

Okay, you can stop searching. You found us. Set in an alternate Fairyverse, this roleplay takes you into a completely new world offering brand new experiences.

Now that we've told you about some of the advantages, I'd like to share some things about the system as well. Basically, everything is done through jewels. There are a bunch of pre-made requests in every guild that can all be done once unless it's stated that they're repeatable. The jewels are then used to upgrade your rank, upgrade your class, start a spell training session, improve your guild and so on.

Starting on the forum will allow you to pick one of the four starter class: Scavenger, Scout, Mystic and Cleric. Each class offers a passive bonus to your character and can be upgraded. The Scavenger class, for example, allows you to loot more jewels at the end of a request, the percentage increases as you upgrade it to Rogue and then Treasure Hunter. It's also not possible to start training a spell whenever you feel like it. It costs jewels to start a training. Character growth is therefore only possible for people who actually roleplay and do requests.

Monthly awards such as Member of the Month, Character Application of the Month, Couple of the Month etc. are also all in place. Each winner gets a nice prize at the end of month when they're announced and a nice additional recognition. Couple winners, for example, will receive a heart at the end of their name, so everyone can see who the couple of the month is in the memberlist.

Character applications have a special characteristics section that needs to be filled with pre-made characteristics. The list offers all kinds of positive and negative traits to customize your character. These traits will determine your behavior during your roleplays greatly.

The forum has a large playground. We've added many towns and islands with multiple sub-locations so you can enjoy all kinds of different settings. Come in now and become the most praised or feared wizard of Fiore.


[19:25:33] Mouse : What do I have to fear?
[19:25:35] Mouse : This is an RP?
[19:25:42] Mouse : If a character dies I make another
[19:25:46] Mouse : and maybe better

[19:13:28] Jabo: Y'all some homo ass niggas
[19:15:18] Tee: Its true

[16:56:54] Mouse : I love you jabo
[16:57:00] Mouse : Just wanted you to know

[16:29:58] EmptyTree : That's the point. We're in RP
[16:30:03] EmptyTree : Things need to be made fair. And make sense

[15:37:59] Jabo : suck revy's futa dick
[15:38:08] Revy : ^
[15:38:12] Revy : Huge futa dick*
[15:38:16] Shumasa : XD
[15:38:27] Slothy : I'll please Nelliana whichever way she wants me to.
[15:38:29] * Twilight Seiker begins sucking
[15:38:31] Twilight Seiker has logged off the chat on
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Natsu Dragneel Roleplay!
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