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 having an issue

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PostSubject: having an issue    5/17/2014, 8:01 am

Guide for Starting a Conflict
Resolution Topic

Members Involved: Demonfist, Moku
Link to the topic: http://narutouzumaki-rpg.coolbb.net/t1633p25-arrival-of-the-storm-entering-kirirazing#15132
Relevant post: quote="Moku"] His eyes darted between them, keeping an eye on both of them, as they began their journey up the side of the building Moku was standing on. Such attempts would be feeble. The assailant let rip Kunai in Mokuís direction[/quote]

Katsu wrote:
Both the clone and katsu dug into the pouch on his right hip and pulled out 6 kunai 3 in each hand before getting within 15 meters if the boy they both launched them straight at the boy.The clone kunai traveling more to the back of the boy as 3 were launched heading for the boys neck, left arm and left leg. The other 3 were thrown aiming behind at a gap of 5 feet per kunai 15 feet in total each aiming for neck, arm and leg of the boy in that exact order just in just in case he tried to move backwards to avoid the three that were targeting him directly. While katsu 3 were aimed for the same area as his clone just the right side of the boy. While the other 3 were aimed infront of the boy just in case he tried to dodge by moving forward they were fired the same way as the clone were fired in a 5 foot spacing. Katsu and his clone still moving into to engaging the boy as katsu dug into his pouch on his left leg pulling out 6 shrikens and itb little effort launched them right behind his kunai. the clone who would now quickly and easily scale the 2 story building[/quote

Relevant Issue:I called a hit which would kill moku, but he disagree with this ruling stating that 1. I exaggerated how tall the building was and 2. My attacks couldn't have landed due to him being in the center of the building.
Problem(s): My problem with that is this 1. Although
e never stated how tall the building was, I decided that I will state how tall it was. He never stated in issue with the height of the building in his responding post. So that should be thrown out and 2. He states he was in the center of the building however he posts. quote="Moku"] The assailant let rip Kunai in Mokuís direction
. How would he know I threw kunai at him while supposedly running up the side of the building, unless he was near the edge of the building with a clear view of me throwing them. Which would also discredit him being in the center of the building.

Suggested Solution: My solution is that my attacks did land and everything I stated in my post happens.
Staff Handling: Any admin or mod


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PostSubject: Re: having an issue    5/17/2014, 3:23 pm

Again, you aren't making any sense. If Moku cannot SEE the kunai, because of his line of sight, the kunai cant hit him because kunai fly in straight lines and arcs. Also, if you want to claim I stood on one side of the building so that your kunai WOULD hit me, and you and your clone came up on different sides of the building, only kunai from one assailant would reach its intended target.

1: I did not say you exaggerated how tall the building was, I was using the fact that the building was tall to prove to you that your Kunai could not reach Moku if thrown from the ground, 15 meters away. I had no problem with you stating the exact height of the building, it's fair game if I did not. All I did in my post was emphasize that the building was, indeed, tall. I was going for 3-4 stories, but since I never stated the exact height, I can't do anything about you stating that the building was 2 stories tall. Rather than exaggerating the height, you underestimated it. However, again, there is no fault in it because I never stated the exact height. So I do not dispute how tall the building was.

2: I already stated this but I'll detail it a bit more: the fact that you questioned whether Moku could be aware of the kunai being thrown at him because of something like line of sight jeopardizes a fair bit of your argument. First, because if Moku could have no sight on your character, nor could your character have sight of Moku, so he would have no idea where to aim. Second, if Moku's view of your character was obstructed, the kunai would not be able to hit him if it flew in a straight line or arc.

3: However, I did find one flaw in my post. There are a massive amount in yours, however I am going to bring mine to light: when Moku performed his Dragon Flame Technique, I stated that it traveled 5 meters in either direction of Moku in a ring. This implies him being at least 5 meters from every edge of the roof which he was standing on. HOWEVER, being this far would obstruct Moku's view of the base of the building, so he would have no idea unless he were to infer, that Katsu was running up the side of the building. That, I admit to. However, the flaws which I've already stated go back into your post as well, which came before mine, so to void my post for this and not voiding your previous post as well would ignore the issue at hand.

4: I'm posting here because someone brought it to my attention that Demonfist had posted a conflict resolution topic involving me, however I have ALREADY POSTED MY RESIGNATION TOPIC. I RP here no longer, which makes my character NPC. In which case, he can be auto-hit and killed, which begs me to ask the question: why the hell are you still holding up that topic? People want to RP and you are trying to bring in a technicality to kill Moku when he is now an NPC and can be auto-hit with no contest.
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having an issue
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