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 The Tengoku Staff (Heaven Staff)

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PostSubject: The Tengoku Staff (Heaven Staff)   5/1/2014, 12:06 am

Name Tengoku Staff (Heaven Staff)
Rank: C
Type: Special|Unique
Requirements: N/A (Only 1 in existence though)
Description: The Tengoku Staff is a ritual weapon for the jutsu used by Tira and her mother. The staff being handed down from mother to daughter.
The staff has no real use as a hand to hand weapon unless being used to block attacks or bluntly hitting targets with. Although the staff has the ability to absorb up too C-rank jutsu and then convert the chakra in those jutsu into chakra for the wielder. Increasing their chakra supply.
Not only can it absorb the chakra of other jutsu, but it may also absorb C-rank chakra from others if the target is willing through touching the staff in some shape or form. The absorbed chakra is then given to the wielder to increase their chakra supply.

The staff can only absorb jutsu if they come within 5 meters of the wielder. This does not include weaponry and taijutsu based moves.
If the wielders chakra supply is full, then the jutsu is just absorbed the chakra is not given to the wielder.
When chakra is absorbed into the staff, the circle ornament at the end of the staff glows a light golden color slightly.
The Tengoku staff is about 1.5 meters in length and the handle of the staff is a dark blue color with red bandages wrapped on the lower half of it. The ornament decorating the end of the staff is a circle design with three oval like shapes protruding from a smaller circle inside the bigger one. Appearing very ritual like. Hanging from the bottom of the staff is a small silver bell, although the ball inside the bell has been removed so it does not make sound.

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The Tengoku Staff (Heaven Staff)
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