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 Miraki Mihara

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Uchiha Sasuto

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PostSubject: Miraki Mihara   4/27/2014, 8:14 pm

Character Template
Name: Okumi/Mirakimi
Age: 19
Village: Hidden Rain/Amegakure
Rank: Jounin
Appearance: Okumi has a literally white pigment, due to experimentation done upon her in her earlier years of life. She has long straight black hair, and golden eyes. She wears lavender eyeliner as well, but no other makeup, other than light pink lipstick. She wears a black fishnet bra, a silk lacing near her stomach region, and a purple serpent belt. Ranging down her legs are a black pair of shortie shorts with light leggings going down to her ankles, which below are covered by black sandals.

Okumi has a tatoo of Amegakure's symbol printed upon her right shoulder, and she wears black armbands covering her wrists. Along with that, she additionally wears a kunai pouch on her right thigh, and sometimes a black coat with white fur around the cuffs of the sleeves and on the outline of the collar.
Personality: Okumi has problems with self-doubt. She doubts her looks due to the fact that her pigment is different from others, and the fact that she was once bullied for it. She looked at life as if only people who were the best looking and best acting could pursue within the shinobi career, she was wrong. One day she was beaten up within the alleyway of her village, which looked much like a city, and still does, with it's high and tall buildings. It was gloomily raining as usual, and she met a man who she never learned the name of.

The man made her stronger, and made her less self-conscious about her looks. Then, he began to abuse her physically and mentally. She came to a point where she couldn't take it, and beat the man to death. She lost consciousness at that point, and when she woke up within the hospital, she found that she suffered post traumatic distress, and that she would be hunted down by the people in which the man knew. However Okumi had changed at that point, her mental trauma caused her to become more, psychologically defensive.

Okumi is not arrogant, but she doesn't run away from battles. She also puts her problems on other people, and can often be defensive when she is speaking of a situation she doesn't want to deal with. At times she can be kind, with mostly children or people younger than her, and at other times she can be extremely deadly. These mood swings alternate quickly, which leads to the reason why she doesn't have many friends at all.

Okumi, despite all of her flaws, can be very wise, and she can solve the toughest of problems with little thinking to her mind. Along with that, she is a fast learner, which lead to the reason in which she later gained a proficiency within Ninjutsu, Iijutsu and Fuuinjutsu. Her mental augmentation that the man caused to her that day had made her stronger, unlike most people, who perhaps would've became weaker than they were. She founded the creation of the Chimera Technique, after finding out that she gained it through an experiment performed on her.

Using the Chimera Technique, she vowed to become stronger, and to protect herself, and only herself. She also vowed to show no mercy to those who threatened her life, and her family's life, if she has any.
Story: Okumi was born on April 28th, and she found herself friendless, after being bullied for the most part for her skin. She got into lots of fights, all of which she never wanted to get into, and was beat up in each and every one of them. After her home was burned down by missing shinobi while she was gone, she was bullied for that too. While trying to find herself food and return to her shelter within an alleyway, Okumi was stopped on her venture by boys demanding for money.

When she refused, she was beaten down and had her money stolen. Crying for hours, finally a man came and took her in. After taking her in, he trained her and fed her. Eventually, she found herself being experimented with, later gaining the Chimera Technique, the ability to copy kekkai genkai. She began to be sexually, physically and mentally tortured, til the point she couldn't take it anymore. Okumi killed the man, but wasn't penalized, due to being valued as a post traumatically distressed woman.

She was let free, and she continued onward, later entering the Chuunin Exams. Finding out about the power of the Chimera Technique she was granted from an experiment that was performed on her, she used this technique in order to mass murder teams that came her way, until she eventually found a Heaven Scroll and high tailed her solo ass out of there. She passed the second exam due to this, finding that under ten people survived the mass murder she performed within the Chuunin Exams, which none of the proctors knew about.

She killed her competitor in the final round, managing to keep away from battles until the end, and became an official Chuunin. She worked very hard along the way, and through her fruits of labor she was promoted to a Jounin. During her few years as a Jounin, Okumi was disgraced with her name, and changed it to Mirakimi, her alias later becoming Kimi, Mira or Miraki. She also gained a summoning contract with snakes, and continued to fuel her power with the Chimera Technique.

Other Information
Family/Siblings: N/A
Morals: Don't trust random men who take you to their home, don't take shit from assholes and don't let being traumatized stop you from being who you are.
Values: Defending herself and killing pedophiles.
Boundaries: Letting herself lose a battle, being weak and not protecting her rights.
Motto: "Touch me and I'll kill you." or "Fuck off."
Likes: Snakes, spicy foods and feeling safe.
Dislikes: Pedophiles, random people and sweet/sour foods.

  • Ninjutsu Master
  • Sensory Specialist
  • Fuuinjutsu Specialist
  • Taijutsu Specialist

Skills: Gain one specialty - 10 SP, +50 Meters to Sensory techniques

Bloodline and Jutsu information:
Bloodline: N/A
Starting Element: N/A

Roleplay Sample (Optional for genin): Mirakimi discerned the white haired male who took her end, allowed her to survive, kept her within his household for years, trained her, and nurtured her strength and increased it beyond knowing, and then was reminded of the fact that he'd raped her so many times, and those so many times she'd yet to do anything about it. Today was the day that she did something.

With a flicker of handseals performed from her hands moving at a brisk pace, she allowed herself to materialize in a plume of smoke beside the male. Her right arm extending outwards as her hand balled into a tight fist, thrashing into the man's side, her knuckles wreathing into the man's ribcage and snapping apart two of his ribs as he tumbled sideways, his body flailing like a puppet.

"What the -FUCK- was that, Okumi!?"The white haired male clamored, getting up, only to have a pasty white hand wrapped around the surface of his throat, contracting within it's clench, beginning to choke him intensively. "You were a fake, night night. And, my name is Mirakimi."Mirakimi whispered into his right ear, and snapped his neck, allowing him to collapse to the earth. She kicked his corpse's head, tilting it in an awkward angle.

She walked out of the man's home, but she was too mentally at loss between the real world and a reverie. She wrenched a kunai knife from her pouch, and mindlessly lacerated her gut, 'After what I did, I'd just end up as a missing shinobi....I don't deserve life because of that...'She thought to herself, blood dripping, as she tore the kunai out, and dropped to the earth, later being taken by paramedics, and having her life saved.


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PostSubject: Re: Miraki Mihara   4/27/2014, 8:37 pm

Appearance needs to be longer your apping a Jounin

Personality longer ^

Story needs to be wayyyy longer than that, cmon don't be lazy

Last but not least, you may not start off with the chimera technique as a Jounin as it's a starting incentive requiring you to start off at Genin rank.


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Mihara Mirakimi


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PostSubject: Re: Miraki Mihara   4/27/2014, 9:40 pm

The personality meets the requirement, the appearance meets the requirement, what do you expect? Anyways, making the character a genin, the parts of the story and personality relevant to the point after she killed the man are omitted.


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PostSubject: Re: Miraki Mihara   4/28/2014, 2:52 am

Change the rank then?


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PostSubject: Re: Miraki Mihara   

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Miraki Mihara
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