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 New Desires And Dreams

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PostSubject: New Desires And Dreams   4/21/2014, 3:09 am

The original four clans had died twelve moons before, and now the new four are taking over in the forest territories. These four clans consist of DuskClan, LightningClan, StreamClan, and FlameClan. But there is a fifth, and it lies in the gorge where SkClan used to, but PetalClan is not related to SkyClan. There is the new prophecy: You Will Be Challenged, The Clans Need To Be Accepted, And Four Will Become Five, But The Fifth Is Needed
Will you help make the fifth clan feel at home? Or will you ignore the prophecy and make things harder? Only time can tell, and your help is needed.

Staff Needed
High Ranks Needed
Active and Friendly Staff and Members [/blockquote]
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New Desires And Dreams
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