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 Cut Throat Three way

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King Kaiju

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PostSubject: Cut Throat Three way   4/20/2014, 10:34 am

The valley of the end....

Well it was a great looking place now wasn't it? A lot of history was to be had in this very area. Mighty shinobi from the days of old used this area to settle their differences. Once again it would be used as a fighting ground but except for three competitors. Soon they would all arrive on the scene to make their claim and ready for combat. As a sign of respect no one would prep anything nor would they sneak up in a ninja like fashion. This was a most honorable fight. There was to be no hard feelings depending on who won. It wasn't for any form of glory, it was to measure the skill of the three competitors who stood here on this historic ground. The area was lively and covered in mountainous regions. Where most people found their eyes drawn to was the mighty statues of legends. Between each statue it was a sizable 50 meters at least. It was only respectful that this battle be held at such a place like this. The waterfall was peaceful as the season was changing towards the hot times. So there wasn't excess water to cause a huge rukus. The waterfall divided the two statues causing a river to be in the gap. There was no animals in the immediate area. For clear reasons of course. Animals knew this was a place of combat not to mention it would be believed that they could sense danger. And with what was about to happen things could get a bit messy. On both sides of the river laid mountainous regions covered in green with forests about 25 meters away from the mountains. This all together formed a valley, The valley of the end.

The first competitor to reach the scene was Kaiser, the Kazekage from the desert. A Seven foot man who lived for this kind of thing. He wore a Oni mask that hid away his blood line from the world. A devilish looking mask with a Cheshire cat smile. His skin was a bit tanned because of always walking around with no shirt. He removed his wooden clogs and placed them right next to him. He found it a bit odd for a three way but he didn't mind the extra fighter. It was a sparring match to test ones skill. The more the merrier. The only time he would be against it if it was a true death match. However there was no harm in a extra competitor. The tall man appeared on top of the statue representing a Uchiha from long ago. He stood directly in the middle of the head to give him level footing. What he would do next was something no one would expect. He wouldn't do his normal preparation for combat. He would bow down and pay his respect. No matter what this shinobi stood for he respected them because they had to be strong for statues to be designed in their honor. A series of prayers and bows to give his respect to them in the afterlife. Afterward he would stand up and begin to stretch. He believed in always staying limber. With his old joints it could be potentially harmful to himself. Following the quick little exercises he would sit down on the rock and meditate as he waited for the others to arrive.


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PostSubject: Re: Cut Throat Three way   4/20/2014, 1:06 pm

A beautiful valley, and it was one that was often referred to as the end. This valley so marked the end of an era, and ironically, the man whom appeared atop the Senju statue, was dressed in garments more suited to that past era. This was Kamikaze Izanagi, crimson eyes and long white spiky mane like hair. He was clad in full black clothing, resembling that which is often associated with a Samurai. Better yet, it bore a much close resemblance to one, Uchiha Madara, Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju. Hell, the white haired bastard also sports the happuri head gear like the second Hokage of past times did. Although Izanagi's Happuri was black with the leaf symbol attached to it. There he was standing on the statue opposite the man that was first on the scene. Izanagi was also standing in the middle of the statue that he stood upon. Izanagi was ready for battle, all his much needed weaponry and what have you in place. No, this man would not try any funny business as he stood there. Izanagi too was a man of honor, and held much respect for fellow combatants. That was as long as they too showed him the same respect.

The crimson eyed fiend could not help but notice the colossal size of the man that stood opposite him. The man whom was first on the scene, standing atop Madara's statue. A mask keeping his face hidden. A hideous mask at that too, his height was also somewhat intimidating. But it wasn't fear that gripped Izanagi, it was excitement. He simply could not wait to see what would become of all this. But there was to be a third competitor, who no doubt will soon make his appearance too. For now though, Izanagi would raise his right hand and wave to the man across from him. Afterward his arms would fold across his chest, while his usual frown adorned his face. It was nothing personal, Izanagi simply did not know how to lighten up sometimes. But once he got going, he could quite frankly be the life of the party with his random antics.


The Prophecy Of Noobs

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PostSubject: Re: Cut Throat Three way   4/21/2014, 4:56 pm

And then there were three...

The man known as Kaizu entered the scene, completely calm despite the challenge he was soon to face. They were opponents of serious recognition, whose names were whispered well outside of their maternal village. Both combatants, from Konoha and Suna respectively, were more combat profficient than the modest Kaizu and they had their rank to prove it. The genin was more familiar with his village leader, the Kazekage and he resembled an icon that the young ninja hoped to achieve in the future. Those were his dreams as well as ambitions that guided him through life.

However, the thirteen year old was surely not a boy despite what his appearance told us. Sure he had rare bursts of childlike mannerisms but their occurance weren't significant. He felt the weight of the situation and he knew what to do. He was born for this shit. Despite his young age he had his fair share of experience, definitely nothing comparable to the other two but it had its value.

Both men, predifully stood on huge statues of once famous shinobi and Kaizu had the feeling like all the good seats were taken. But now was his change to deserve that spot, to show that he's not a lost cause.

He humbily stood were he felt his spot was for now. It served more like his seeding number since he was certainly an outsider in this battle. Gripping Garians Sword in his right hand he stood on water with the help of chakra. Both of the statues were an equal distance away from him, roughly twenty five meters. Basically the three shinobi formed a triangle with two equally lenghted sides while the unique distance between Kaiser and Izanagi was around fifty meters.


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PostSubject: Re: Cut Throat Three way   

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Cut Throat Three way
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