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 A Heavy Heart

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The Founder

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PostSubject: A Heavy Heart   4/20/2014, 7:50 am

Hello everyone,

I wish to bring brighter news to your screens. However, I must bear some bad news. It has come to my attention that our resident General Administrator Lokifur has changed without permission 4 members passwords. 2 of them staff members. I as a site owner, can not accept this rational or way of thinking. An administrator that abuses his power and jeopardizes the safety of its staff/members by changing passwords on but a witch hunt isn't acceptable behavior. He will not be returning to staff.

This behavior is a serious breach of trust both in the site and in its capacity to run effectively. Lokifur has been removed from staff, for grievously abusing his position on a pointless witch hunt. He has also been placed in bad standing and has a severe punishment placed on his character. A 1000 NP loss and -150 Permanent CR loss.

His bad standing will last for a period of 3 months, during which he is no longer able to

  • Unable to claim holiday rewards
  • Unable to participate in contests
  • Unable to participate in IOOC events.

Due to the severity of the crimes, which were not only against members (one was already in bad standing, another was a inactive member) but against 2 staff members. Both wholly without permission and without authority to do so, I'm placing another restriction on him as well.

  • Unable to participate in Suggestion/Comment/Complaint Area
  • Unable to participate in General Discussion
  • Unable to participate in Character Bank System

I regret any and all actions taken by him, as they not only show ones character, but reflect the character of the site.

I'd like to apologize to those involved and those affected by such a issue.

Thank you,

The Founder
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A Heavy Heart
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