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 Tools of the Assassin

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Hakumei Fuuma

Gender : Male
Number of posts : 55
Age : 25
Village : Konoha
Job/hobbies : Sharpshooter
Bloodline : N/a
Registration date : 2008-12-17

Ninja Profile
Jutsus: Generic Sealing, D Shadow Shuriken, D Body Flicker, D Chakra supression technique, C Transparent escape technique, B Shadow clone, B Wind release, stream, D Wind release: Great breakthrough, C Wind cutter technique, B QuickDraw Tactical throw Parallax mode Parallax Shuriken
Alliegance: Konohagakure
Elemental Mastery: Wind

PostSubject: Tools of the Assassin   4/19/2014, 3:08 pm

Scroll. x1: 5,000 ryo
Fuuma Shuriken. x10: 5,000 ryo
Shuriken (5). x100: 10,000 ryo
Flash bomb. x6: 9,000 ryo

Total cost: 29,000 ryo
Bank: 35,000 ryo
Remaining: 6,000 ryo
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Gender : Male
Number of posts : 723
Village : Akatsuki
Bloodline : Senju
Registration date : 2014-03-01

Ninja Profile
Alliegance: Akatsuki
Elemental Mastery: Doton/Suiton/Mokuton

PostSubject: Re: Tools of the Assassin   4/19/2014, 3:49 pm



[13:05:33] Kabuke : Tee, I'll give you aalllllllll of meeeeee~
[18:44:35] The End : I like to helicopter dick before sleeping
[19:50:57] @ Lokifur Khaddaoui : [19:50:40] EmptyTree : When you 48 hour someone, do you have to wait 48 hours after your attack?

[19:51:01] @ Lokifur Khaddaoui : wtf kind of question is this
[20:56:49] Jabo : We could have a three way but no teaming up is needed
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Tools of the Assassin
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