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 Fairhaven Ranch--a wild horse, tame horse, and human rpg!!

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PostSubject: Fairhaven Ranch--a wild horse, tame horse, and human rpg!!   4/18/2014, 9:46 pm

Fairhaven Ranch is a human and horse based RPG. We are not a SIM site so don't confuse us with one.
We are based out in Montana where the true west still thrives. Wild mustangs still roam the wide open plains. You can
chose to live in the town or head out to where the wild is and build a beautiful ranch. Or you can work at one and learn your way
around horses and maybe even train a few wild ones. Come play as a human ,or even a horse, I think you'll enjoy yourself here
once you come to Fairhaven Ranch.

Which way will you go? Will you be a wild horse running wild and free or will you be a human and start your own ranch or work
at one? It's up to you, so come see us today at Fairhaven Ranch.

- Play as a human or a horse. No human account needed to play as a horse tame or wild.
- Jobs earn money to buy horses, car, whatever
- Acres of land to pick from to build a ranch
- New Updated Layout
- Friendly environment, helpful staff
- Wild horse round up every month
- Surprise/Disaster every month
- 200 word count

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Fairhaven Ranch--a wild horse, tame horse, and human rpg!!
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