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 The End of the Event

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PostSubject: The End of the Event   4/18/2014, 9:44 pm


The event has ended, must like a freshman after prom, prematurely. There are/were various reasons for it, and part of it is mine to bear. I would like to continue with IOOC events in the future, however a poll will be created shortly in such a fashion. Perhaps with this one ending, we can take a 2 month breather and refocus on fixing the problems that occurred. As well as perhaps getting some juicy IC plots/events going. Maybe (If your good children and eat your veggies) we can release a SSM sword (Not Samehade but another fun one)

Most if not everyone was an original member, so I'll post the original member rewards for those who participated.

  • Section 1 75 Np and 15,000 ryu
  • Section 2 105 NP and 20,000 Ryu

Now, I'd like to take a moment to inform people about whats down the pipe in terms of planning site wise activities and some small changes.

The Month of May will be known as Double Money May, or DMM. All missions done during the month of may receive double the money earned for them.

The Month of June will be known as No June Lottery, or NJL. The lottery will be closed for the time span of June the 5th - 3rd of July.

The Month of August we will hold a huge lottery, which will happen every August and December.

The Month of September we will have a invitation ball, for inviting new and old members, there shall be some large/hefty rewards involved, as well as the revisit of "starting bonus" we had for February-March. Minus the new member status.

Holiday's and the like

TNRPG loves holiday's, however we have a few big ones a year. I'll list the big ones and then followed by small fun ones.

December Hearth - From December 4th - January 3rd Everyone who is active will receive +2 skill points

July Glory - From July 4th - August 3rd, Everyone who is active will receive +2 skill points.

These are the only holidays in which skill points will be given.

Regular Holiday's

April 18th - April 25th Spring Time Basket
October 21st - 30th Hauntingly Fall Festivals
November (Thanksgiving) - 2 days, Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving Feast
January 18th - All Founders Day - One day with a small present of gratitude

Here is our first Holiday Event starting... well TODAY

Spring Time Basket

  • 1 Free Lottery Roll Egg (useable any time)
  • April Showers - 400,000 Chocolate Coins (400,000 ryu)
  • A cute bow - 250 NP
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The End of the Event
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