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 Underprivileged Ninja of Drowning Vs ???

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PostSubject: Underprivileged Ninja of Drowning Vs ???   4/18/2014, 6:16 pm

Once again we join a young ninjas on his way to be nothing more than a shell. Cowering around the streets of Inwa in a horrific, and almost terrified manner. However a slight smile were dawned across his face. The very expression he made seemed to convey a feeling of nervousness. Attempting to hide himself within the waves of people he'd trip, and tumble to the ground. "How very bad for me. My opponent will be here sometime soon you know. Now where should I wait for him? Maybe over there." Having noticed the terrains slight shift he'd notice how the streets cleared. The once bustling market were now empty, and void of any life. Now what could the boy do? Nothing had been there to hide behind. Was this finally going to be his end?

Refusing to have that be true Dusk ran behind a nearby building. Ducking behind the corner with such ease, as he tried not to be spotted by anyone. Not that they were there to see anyway. His pupils scanning the area that now surrounded him as if danger lurked everywhere. As if everything had been a foe. "Now I regret not fully training any clone techniques." Having whispered these words the boy sighed softly. The sound emerged outwards from behind once sealed lips. With a single flick of his tongue the peeling skin of dry roots were matted across his lips. A slight drizzle coating the market adding on to the moisture around the area already had. This downpour lasted only moments before stopping, leaving a abundance of small puddles drizzled around him.
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Underprivileged Ninja of Drowning Vs ???
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