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 That shit I don't like

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PostSubject: That shit I don't like   4/17/2014, 6:22 pm

Slothy wrote:
Guide for Starting a Conflict Resolution Topic

Members Involved: EmptyTree
Link to the topic: http://narutouzumaki-rpg.coolbb.net/t251p25-the-mizukage-s-experiments#10355
Relevant Posts:
EmptyTree wrote:
Name: Ninteen Point Mist Barrier
Rank: C-Rank
Range: Barrier/19 Meters
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Handsigns: Placing Fuuinjutsu Tags + Tiger
Description: This barrier can be applied to any ordinary fuuinjutsu by simply tracing a symbol over said seal. Anyone who enters a 19 meter radius in any direction of said seal without that symbol on their person will trigger the effects of whatever seal this was applied too. The activation of this seal will alert the person who placed it. The user will only be alerted if they are in the same sub board.
Relevant Issue: More limits need to be set on this jutsu. At first glance it seems okay but after application, there seems to be some issues. Just need some elaborating I suppose.
Problem(s): How does a seal know if said person does not have the same symbol as the correct seal? Effectively, the main problem I have is the limitless seals this jutsu has the potential to affect.
Suggested Solution: I propose a limit on how many seals this jutsu can affect at one time, I say five for being C rank.
Staff Handling: Anybody who can check a jutsu.

Again, this is stupid to me. Idk why temp can't just to look at this jutsu but w/e he told me to put this here so I did.


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That shit I don't like
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