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 Dreamland [LB]

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Dreamland Strip

PostSubject: Dreamland [LB]   4/17/2014, 3:33 pm


1960 in Las Vegas makes many promises of success and struggle. Las Vegas continues to grow exponentially, housing more than 22 percent of Nevada's total population. Corporations are building and/or buying hotel/casino properties. Gambling becomes "gaming" and starts the transition into legitimate business. A government man, war hero Colt Jackson, settled down in Las Vegas in 1959 with the singular purpose and mission to clean up the crime that has fed and bred on the streets of the city. The new crime fighting organization rids the streets of the common criminal as well as the weaker gangs. The larger ones still have their troubles. The Aguilas struggle because of the unrest in Cuba and the increased hatred and prejudice against Cubans. Sam Jones's gang struggles similarly as civil rights starts to come to a boil and forces them into the public eye. The Boulder Boys have survived against the time and the new organized crime unit in the LVPD, making them stronger than any current gang or any gang that has come before them. 1960 is an election year, filling the town with chatter and excitement as they wait to see who will run to take care of the growing city. Las Vegas still remains a playland getaway of the world, even more so now than ever, but there seems to be a calm that has settled over the city of neon lights, one that makes promises of an impending storm.
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Dreamland [LB]
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