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 Amatsu and Lilium VS Rai and ???

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Amatsu Qilin

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PostSubject: Amatsu and Lilium VS Rai and ???   4/15/2014, 2:41 pm

Wood met earth as contemplated steps lightly tapped the terrain below. The white haired man would settle in to a spot with a great wall covering his rear and clear terrain proceeding him. An activated sharingan couple would scan the linear path before averting to double check peripherals covered. An almost an instant his ocular attributes had soaked in all they could about what was to be a battlefield. The day was probably the most beautiful it had ever been. The sun was of luminous presence that shined down upon the area in a rare brilliance. The ground below looked like dirt that had been saturated by showers of unrelenting rain only to be cooked and hardened again by the heat of the sun. There was very little grass with the exception of one or two patches here or there.
The wall behind him was made mostly of stone and wood with the exception of steel supported beams and an underlying portion of the wall that he so happened to be under. Qilin chose to wear a more free uniform versus the traditional Kage attire. He wore the Jounin Flak Jacket that was a dark crimson. So dark that it could have been mistaken for brown and thus did not take away from the more tactical camouflage qualities but still distinguished him from that of the norm who would wear such a thing. All his pouches that dawned his jacket were tilted forward for ease of use and accessibility. A thin breathable mesh shirt would underlay a fishnet style draping that clung to his body tightly. What contrasted with much of the attire was his simple wooden sandals worn by most of the beggars in Oto.
They were certainly not the most comfortable of footwear which is why most beggars did their jobs from a kneeling position. The wall was only half a foot from his back his posture loose yet his mind was alert. He stood on the balls of his feet his legs gaped appropriately to give a stable positioning as hands hung loose digits dangling to an open pouch. The massive wall that stood a little more than 60 ft tall and spread beyond the land they stood in to another bathed him in a semi opaque umbra that almost offered some reprieve to the lunar rays that exaggerated every detail on the field. His head and any moment imitate a swivel if one tried to use stealth tactics against him. He was alert and definitely ready. Now he would see how this would play out.  

Of course the partner he had chosen or who had chosen him….was a peculiar one. He never could tell with her. Her face was innocent as that of a child yet her eyes were ravenous in intent. It was a reason he had accepted her, the reason they were here. What he saw Sharingan or not was the insatiable potential for malice boiling over in a nice bite sized package. The soul of one of hells denizens stored into a button nosed dainty figure that could fool most onlookers. But one could only hide their true nature for so long. At some point the lion would have to be let out of the cage, and what a small cage it was. This exercise would allow his young student to free her inner demons without lashing out at her fellow shinobi. He only hoped it would be enough…..


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Amatsu and Lilium VS Rai and ???
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