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 Gyofuou's Purchases and More

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PostSubject: Gyofuou's Purchases and More   4/12/2014, 7:52 pm


Items Listing.
50 Kunai for 1,000 Ryo
100 Shuriken for 2,000 Ryo
60 meters of standard wire for 1,000 Ryo
Basic sword (ninjato - steel straight sword, roughly 50 cm long) - 5000 Ryo
2 Flash Bombs for 3,000 Ryo
3 Smoke Bombs for 3,000 Ryo

Total funds at 15,000 Ryo
Total expenditure at 15,000 Ryo.
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PostSubject: Re: Gyofuou's Purchases and More   4/12/2014, 8:08 pm

Approved do updates thingie


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Gyofuou's Purchases and More
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