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 Calorie Control S-rank Kinjutsu Why?

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Tiana Akimichi

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PostSubject: Calorie Control S-rank Kinjutsu Why?   4/10/2014, 1:58 pm


Umm i was told that the Calorie Control Jutsu of the Akimichi clan is an S-rank Kinjutsu here, I was just wondering why because it doesn't meet any of the requirements for a Kinjutsu.

Quote :
This ability grants members of the Akimichi clan free control of their body's calories — which they convert into chakra in order to perform their techniques. The Akimichi developed the Three Coloured Pills for easier use of this technique, however, the use of these pills carry great risks. On the contrary, these effects are not seen when the user performs the technique without the assistance of the pills. At the highest level of the technique, the user converts calories into chakra and releases the chakra in the shape of two large butterfly wings. In this form, the user can use some of their clan's high-level techniques, such as the Butterfly Bullet Bombing technique several times without experiencing fatigue or other adverse effects. The user still experiences weight loss but it isn't nearly as severe as when the pills are used.

The jutsu holds no danger to the user and is not banned from being used or taught nor does it go against the laws of nature.

Quote :
Kinjutsu (禁術; Literally meaning "Forbidden Techniques") are techniques that have been banned from being taught or used.

This ban could have been put in place for any number of reasons, but kinjutsu can generally be put in either of three categories:

   Techniques that cause harm to the user themselves, such as opening the Eight Gates, which the mere use of is both highly useful as well as detrimental to the user.
   Techniques that violate the laws of nature (e.g. the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, which reincarnates the dead with a human sacrifice).
   Certain techniques that are known to cause massive collateral damage, such as the total destruction of a village and end with the death of everyone in it, thus the great moral ramifications of its potential lead many to labelling it as a forbidden technique (e.g. the Fury technique, which appeared only in the anime).

Despite being banned, the mere use of these techniques generally does not carry any legal consequences in respects to the village they're used in, except those brought on by the techniques themselves. However, their use is heavily frowned upon, especially those techniques that violate nature.

The Calorie Control is simply a hidan/ninjutsu/Fighting skill that allows the Akimichi clan members to use some of there stronger jutsu, it was in fact the three pills which boost the power far beyond the actual Calorie Control Technique that are banned items in th Akimichi clan not the actual Calorie Control Jutsu which is on a weaker scale.

Quote :
The Three Coloured Pills are secret medicines used by the Akimichi clan. As the name suggests, there are three pills, each with a different colour. First is the green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan),[1] next is the yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), and last is the red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan).[2]

By forcibly converting the body's fat reserves into chakra, each successive pill ingested gives a tremendous power boost. The Chilli Pill is even said to increase one's power a hundred times. However, the pills have a drawback. Each pill damages the body, poisoning it and since the third pill converts all of one's fat reserves, the user will become dangerously emaciated. It is said that after the third pill, death is imminent.[3] However, the Nara clan has apparently done extensive research on the pills, and that knowledge allowed the Fifth Hokage to neutralise the poison and repair the damage to Chōji Akimichi, after he took all three pills to fight and kill Jirōbō. The pills allow for easier use of the Akimichi clan's Calorie Control.[

The pills are the S-rank kinjustu class, The Calorie Control jutsu is simply a hard technique to master/utilize as Chokja states in the manga itself, So i was wondering if it were possible to drop the Rank to the basic S-rank or better yet an A-rank [Though Srank seems more likely]

Its not even in the Narutopedia list of kinjutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Calorie Control S-rank Kinjutsu Why?   4/10/2014, 3:02 pm

If you read the description of the technique on the clan page rather than the one you posted, you would know that it gives massive boosts to CR in a topic so thats why its kinjutsu.


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Calorie Control S-rank Kinjutsu Why?
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