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 Sideline the IOOC

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PostSubject: Sideline the IOOC   4/9/2014, 6:41 pm

Yuki Hisashi wrote:

Flashback topics successfully circumvent this, however they're limited by the ongoing IOOC. As the event is moving slower than anticipated, with no end in sight as yet, I'd love to vote to re-enable flashback topics to allow us to continue to Rp. I find myself currently unable to write much on the site, with only one IC present topic - I'm otherwise stuck twiddling my thumbs until the event moves forwards. I understand the current reasoning in stopping flashbacks for event-characters, but for some it may be starting to stifle their experience on the site a little.

The IOOC is stuck at the moment. And it will eventually be solved when someone kai's and just goes around slitting our throats while we all sleep (since no one has posted a defence against Qilin's Gen) or someone disputes the attack due to the flaws in the post and gets the topic moving again. 'Til that happens, its eaten my flashback topic slot. And I want it back.

So, can the we have something happen regarding this IOOC Event. Either it doesn't continue to consume the flashback slot, so I can get around, be a little more active as Yuki says. OR, move it forcibly forwards so that we can get on with life. Preferably, both of these things happen, in case the Event stagnates once again.


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PostSubject: Re: Sideline the IOOC   4/10/2014, 4:15 am

There were several notions in the parli about this and we will try to fix the problem ASAP.


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Sideline the IOOC
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