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PostSubject: e_e   4/8/2014, 9:54 pm

Name Ritān mūnhauringu lit. Howling Returning Moon
Rank: N/A
Type: General
Requirements: Chakra Enhanced Strength or any equivalent.
Description: Ritan is most properly described as a chakram. A common definition of the common variation of this weapon names it as a throwing weapon from the eastern parts of the world. It is circular in shape with a sharpened outer edge and ranges in size from approximately 1230 centimetres (4.711.8 in) in diameter. Whilst it is primarily a throwing weapon but can also be used hand-to-hand. A smaller variant called chakri was worn on the wrist. A related weapon is the chakri dang, a bamboo staff with a chakri attached at one end. However, this definition does not hold true to Ritan. Holding the world record for being the largest chakram in existence, the user is required to possess inordinate amounts of strength to successfully wield this cumbersome weapon. Considered less like a blade, and more like a cloud of mobile steel, the chakram is unique amongst the majority of weapons due to is construction. Technically, Ritan is comprised of two chakra blades, fused edge to edge so that the slight sloping nature of the chakra itself lends the two curvatures to extend on both extremities away from each other, allowing the chakra to rest vertically. From base to base, the chakram is two meters in diameter, which the blades reaching out a further six inches. These blades are not typical katana blades, but wide, thick and dull. They are not fundamentally sharp, merely tapered to a general point.

In the centre of this monstrosity, lies a yo-yo mechanism, allowing the user to fling out the weapon and retract it on a long chain that coils up inside the weapon itself. There are gaps between the blade spokes allowing for the chain to slip between the two extending cutting edges and into the centre of the weapon which allows for it to both be thrown with the chain resting in the middle of the blades, and extending from the middle of Ritan- allowing it to be rotated in the air. With expert flicks of the wrist, the user can control whether or not the internal mechanism to release or retract the chain. The metal Ritan is made of is chakra conductive, allowing it to be utilised in additional techniques. This includes the chain, which has a handle suitable for holding the metal without touching in in case the weapon becomes electrified- in which case the handle will isolate the current and prevent the user from being affected in the cases of B-rank and under raiton techniques. Anything else, will completely ignore the grounding effect and simply shatter the wood, melt the plastic and continue on its pathway.

- Chakra (Conductive, such as Asuma's blades) | 1,500,000
- Gadgets and other Electronic Devices | 1,000,000
- Senju Wood (Chakra Conductive) | 80,000
- Hard Plastic | 5,000
- Leather | 4,000

Total Cost: $2,589,000

Appearance/Picture: No, fuck you.


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