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 Seigi vs Rai! A Battle in the Clouds!

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PostSubject: Seigi vs Rai! A Battle in the Clouds!   4/5/2014, 4:11 pm

Seigi sat on the loose gravel, stretching his legs, getting ready for the fight to come. He knew that his opponent was going to be here soon, but as to who it was, he had no idea. He had to be prepared for anything. Standing up, he took a look around at his environment. He stood on a bit of a plateau on the side of a mountain, overlooking Kumogakure. This was his usually training grounds, where he spent most of his time. It was about 100 meters by 100 meters, 3 sides of it sloping downwards, one side heading further up there mountain. It was mostly rocks and gravel, with the exception of a large wooden log in the very center that protruded upwards 3 meters.

Seigi looked around, wondering where his opponent was going to come from and who it was. Had it been someone he fought before? Were they even from the same village? He had no idea. But what he did know was that A jounin came to his house, woke him up at 11 in the morning and told him to come here for a match. Seigi sighed. He had been looking forward to sleeping in today too, training well into the night was severely messing with his sleep schedule.

Taking a look around once more, Seigi noticed as clouds began to overcast the village, slowly darkening the the mountain range. Well, at least his opponent couldn't use the sun to their advantage now. But then again, neither could Seigi. "No matter." He thought to himself. "I'll give it my all!"
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Seigi vs Rai! A Battle in the Clouds!
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