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Our Site's first ever IOOC event is underway currently!
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Welcome to the site, our first event is coming up
The Legend of the Sage and 5 Dragons our sites very first IOOC event, which is taking place currently. Join us for our exciting first adventure!

Iwa, Rain has come to Iwagakure, a wet sticky rain along with hot humid temperatures. The sort of rain that makes everyone feel lazy and mud well up in the streets. Cantankerous old men and women complain about swollen joints and stuffy noses, but don't"
Konoha, A huge flock of birds has flown over Konoha each day, passing from North to South, always on high noon, always the same route, but never the same flock of bird, not even a single one. The Village Elder's gather at night to discuss its meaning.
Suna, Sunagakure has seen a vast and dangerous sand storm off in the distance, growing closer and closer each passing day, darkening the sky as it approaches. Wise-ones tell anyone who can listen the sand storm is but 9 days away.
Kiri, Rumor has spread that in Kirigakure, fishermen return home empty handed. There net's continually empty day after day. Shamans for tell sign of a massive wave approaching.
Kumo, The sky and mountain passes have been clear for several days now, not even a gentle fog rolls into Kumogakure any longer. Scholars desperately search through records to recall a time when this happened.
Villages Open
Konoha Open None -
The Queen
Suna Open None -
The End
Kiri Open None -
Iwa Open None -
Kumo Closed None - Gyofuou
Akatsuki Closed None -
Isaac Uzumaki
Amegakure/Otogakure/Takigakure Open None -
Mona/Amatsu/Dazz Bones
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Contains all the information, guides and standards we here come to expect our members to read and understand. Most if not all information concerning playing, starting a character can be found here.
Site Information, Character Information
2048Ninja Skills
Wed 5 Feb - 19:48
The Founder View latest post
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Announcements, latest information and events. Particular useful for system changes, over all staff changes and general site events. Please keep careful watch, plot hints and events spring up here from time to time.
Event/Plot Information, Old Annoucements
710Arc 1 - Chapter ...
Tue 15 Apr - 21:55
Lokifur Khaddaoui View latest post
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The Library contains all the information about specific techniques, limited and controlled jutsu. As well as our custom clans and hidan clans. Staff tries to keep this section updated regularly.
Technique Information, Clan Information
2931Specialized Juts...
Tue 4 Mar - 20:40
The Founder View latest post

Member Assistance Area

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Come here to introduce yourself or tell us your going on vacation
59333Welp, this I got...
Today at 9:43
Amatsu Qilin View latest post
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Member FAQ Area

Our FAQ's are located here, along with a few other bits of information. All closed cases are placed here, along with finished appeals, cases of abuse and banning cases.
Closed Cases
16164Jutsu Ranking Th...
Today at 10:03
Depore View latest post

Character Creation

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This is where you can submit your application for your character information and profile. You will receive feedback on whether or not it is acceptable.
82275Yui Kagami [Done...
Yesterday at 23:01
Yui View latest post
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These files contain accepted characters and all of their information and data
Approved Konoha, Approved Suna, Approved Kiri, Approved Iwa, Approved Minor Nations, Approved Missing Ninja/Akatsuki, Stored Applications
82290Zayn Hyūga [Taki...
Yesterday at 16:12
Tee View latest post
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Clan Registration

Custom Clan registration here
Approved Clans
40247Angevine Clan
Yesterday at 9:12
Lilium View latest post
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Custom Creation

All Custom Techniques, Jutsu's, Summons, Posions and Puppets go here
Jutsu Registration, Summon Contracts, Poison/Antidote, Puppet Registration
1381267Letony's Techniq...
Today at 11:21
The Noob View latest post

Update Section

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Profile Updates

Registration here for Character Updates, including starting information and purchasing/updating character profiles.
Inactive/Dead Profiles
1622602Where Tips Touch...
Today at 14:25
Slothy View latest post
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Village Information

Where the information on the village goes. From Missions, current ranks and village updates (Funds, purchases etc etc)
1145Konohagakure Mis...
Thu 10 Apr - 14:34
Jushiro View latest post
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Equipment Shop

Come here to purchase various equipment for your character.
62263Seigi's Gear
Today at 0:05
Ataku Leaf Plushie View latest post

The World

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Land of Fire

The Land of Fire is one of the largest and most powerful countries. Its government leader is the Hokage, The Land of Fire was the first country to adopt a ninja village, Konohagakure, a custom other countries would soon adopt. The Land of Fire is appropriately oriented towards the element of fire, typically having very bright and warm weather.

Valley of the End, Konohagakure, Forests of Konohagakure
70457Moving Forward [...
Today at 13:28
Shikyo Kirishiki View latest post
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Land of Wind

It is located to the southwest of the Land of Fire and borders the Land of Rivers and the Land of Rain. The country covers a vast realm, but that realm is largely composed of deserts. Because there is very little rainfall throughout the year, the people of the country live in villages built on one of the desert's many oases. Despite the country's extremely harsh environment, it has a large population.

Deserts of Wind, Sunagakure, Oasis of Wind
26129Searching for th...
Today at 12:48
Ivy View latest post
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Land of Water

The Land of Water is oriented towards the element of water (Suiton). It is composed of many islands, with each having its own unique traditions. The country's weather is typically cool and full of mist and lakes. In some places, it is very cold and snows quite a bit and others are mountainous and full of ice.

Unknown Islands, Kirigakure, Outland Sea's
70366Ramen Break (OPE...
Today at 5:21
Tetsu Kokku View latest post
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Land of Lightning

The Land of Lightning it is located on a peninsula north-east of the Land of Fire. In the center of the country are vast mountain ranges, whose many thunder storms are said to give the country its name. From these mountain ranges, many rivers flow to the sea, creating a very crooked coastline that displays an impressive oceanic beauty. There are many hot springs located within the country.

Valley of Clouds and Lightning, Kumogakure, Cliffmark Coast
45189[Flashback: Trai...
Today at 1:39
Gyofuou View latest post
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Land of Earth

It is located north-west of the Land of Fire. The country is mostly comprised of desolate, rocky areas. The border of the Land of Earth runs along a rocky mountain range, blocking communication with other countries. The wind blowing from the north passes over these mountains, carrying small rocks to the surrounding countries. This famous natural phenomenon is called "Gan'u" ("Rock Rain").

Stone Forest, Iwagakure, Bad Lands
26119Getting out of H...
Today at 14:08
Jushiro View latest post
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Land of Sound

The Land of Sound is a neighbour country of the Land of Fire. It is a relatively new country in the political scene, though it has existed for some time under the name of the Land of Rice Fields

17116Five Hunna Deep ...
Today at 7:42
Mr. Z View latest post
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Land of Lakes

Land of Lakes is a highly industrialized nation, that has mountainous terrain, filled with mountain run off lakes. Home to Amegakure or Village Hidden in the rain, which is located in the middle of the largest spring and rain fed lake.

19114The Deadbeats [M...
Yesterday at 13:25
Kouketsu View latest post
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Land of Swamps

The Land of Swamps is a country located near the Land of Demons. Its on the northern tip of Konohagakure and southern tip of Iwagakure. It is home to the infamous Takigakure (Village Hidden in the waterfall) and is known for its swampy terrain.

40246[Recovery] Littl...
Today at 14:45
Slothy View latest post
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Minor Countries

Countries operate as separate political entities and are presumably all monarchies. Those countries maintain balance between themselves through nothing but power. Many of these minor countries don't have a hidden village, and operate on a small scale, hiring, poaching and capturing ninja to work for them.

Land of Snow, Land of Iron, Land of Forests, Land of Keys, Land of Sky
222Exploring the Sk...
Thu 27 Feb - 12:55
Raleth View latest post

IOOC Board

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The Home of the the Battle Colosseum and Tournaments of legend. Come on and all to test your skills, from noobz to greats.

35230Fodder Tourney...
Tue 15 Apr - 20:07
Twilight Seiker View latest post
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Conflict Resolution

All Conflict Resolution Topic's and Decisions are placed here, locked when completed. Please follow the rules
Resolved Conflicts
9102Let's Go
Yesterday at 11:00
King Kaiju View latest post
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Sparring Grounds

Come here for a fun spar with your characters, enjoy the moment. Settle a bet, or handle those ego's
1494An Unpleasant Su...
Tue 15 Apr - 18:24
Seigi View latest post
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IOOC Events

All IOOC Events are placed here (Interactive Out of Character Events). Enjoy the Plots
Land of Demons
151580The Lottery
Today at 9:34
The Gamemaster View latest post

Social Board

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General Discussion

35441Should the 8th G...
Today at 7:04
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6287Dreamland [LB]...
Today at 14:33
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12682Random Dusk?
Tue 15 Apr - 15:08
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